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FirstClass, It just works!
FirstClass, It just works!

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Degrees of Education: If Affirmative Action Is Doomed, What’s Next?

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Welcome to the Era of Surround Storytelling

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Number of dedicated music teachers in Ontario drops, watchdog says

U.S. states greet new fiscal year with more spending, school funding

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Are you going to #ITSE2014 ?

Gary Falcon of Aptiris (FirstClass Platinum Channel Partner) invites you to join himself, FirstClass Sales Manager Jason Sudbury and other FirstClass people Sunday June 28 5:30 - 7:00 PM

Dantanna's Downtown
One CNN Center, #269
Atlanta, GA

Gary and Jason ask that you RSVP this event by emailing

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Congratulations to the 2014 Code-A-Thon Winners!

This year's Code-A-Thon had 17 different teams participating with 6 final submissions. It was truly an international competition with entries coming from the US, Canada, Sweden, Norway and Italy.

The submissions were all different and each one demonstrates the power of using FirstClass. Each entry was judged on several criteria, including: clarity of purpose, potential usefulness, creative demonstration of extensibility, user interface, ease of use, and code completeness.

Thanks to all the participants for their contributions, to our sponsors Aptiris and Kannon Communications, and to Stewart Lynch for all he has done to help run the contest and make application development possible with the new tools in FCWS.

You can view a video of all Code-A-Thon Submissions at the link below

Send SMS by - Allows end-users to send SMS messages from their FirstClass account

Statistics by - Enables analysis and graphical display of system data from FirstClass log files

FirstVideo Chat by NEROL SRL - Provides real-time video conferencing between FirstClass users

RSS Reader by Samspill AS - Allows end-users to easily set up RSS subscriptions within FirstClass

Simple Spreadsheet by Samspill AS - Provides online spreadsheets that can be edited and saved within FirstClass

What's My PID? by Hillsborough County Schools - Presents users with personalized data from district databases

This year's winners are:
1st Prize - RSS Reader from Samspill AS (Norway)
2nd Prize - What's My PID from Hillsborough County Public Schools (Florida)
3rd Prize - FirstVideo Chat from NEOL SRL (Italy)

The winning application, RSS Reader, requires no back-end database or security considerations, and may be easily installed to your server. 


For FirstClass Administrators

Title: OpenText FirstClass 12 SP2 Release Announcement
Bulletin Number: 281
Version: 1.3


The new product components are:

FirstClass 12 SP2 Server Build 1286 for Windows
FirstClass 12 SP2 Server Build 1286 for Mac OS X
FirstClass 12 SP2 Server Build 1286 for Linux

FirstClass 12 SP2 Internet Services Build 11.155 for Windows
FirstClass 12 SP2 Internet Services Build 11.155 for Mac OS X
FirstClass 12 SP2 Internet Services Build 11.155 for Linux

FirstClass 12 SP2 Web Services Build 62 for Windows
FirstClass 12 SP2 Web Services Build 62 for Mac OS X
FirstClass 12 SP2 Web Services Build 62 for Linux

FirstClass Synchronization Services 11 Build 23 for Windows

FirstClass Client 12.007 for Windows
FirstClass Client 12.007 for Mac OS X

FirstClass Client Downloads 12.007 Upgrader for Windows
FirstClass Client Downloads 12.007 Upgrader for Mac OS X
FirstClass Client Downloads 12.007 Upgrader for Linux


FirstClass 12 SP2 components are distributed to existing customers who have a valid maintenance and support contract. FirstClass Update Services will automatically download the files to your server. If your server’s Update Services schedule is turned off, you may manually initiate an Update Services request to receive the update.

FirstClass 12 SP2 components will be available for download from FCOL ( in the following locations:

Windows server
Conferences/Downloads/FirstClass 12 Product Updates/FC12 Windows Server Updates/

Mac OS X server
Conferences/Downloads/FirstClass 12 Product Updates/FC12 OS X Server Updates/

Linux server
Conferences/Downloads/FirstClass 12 Product Updates/FC12 Linux Server Updates/

Please ensure that you have your server specific FirstClass 12 license, and review both the Release Notes and instructions accompanying the installers thoroughly before proceeding with the upgrade.

To renew or purchase your M&S contract, please contact your regional Sales Support Center listed at the end of this bulletin.

New Product Features and Enhancements

Server Build 1286
(since FirstClass 12 SP1 Server Build 1284)

Fix for shared documents/profiles not being created (by audit) with the creator being stamped into the desktop link.
Stamps existing original links with the correct creator CID.
Removes existing subscriptions with invalid creator CID (0).

Indexing Fixes and Changes
Inbound Internet mail was getting queued to be indexed, without checking if the feature was on. This was leaving files open at sites with search indexing disabled.
Set default number of heaps to be 1 to help prevent memory fragmentation during indexing.
At shutdown save forward index files to disk (WordDocIDs). Fix was forcing to wait for them to finish writing. 
Changes to not save forward index files (WordDocIDxx) at interval times or after audit. They are now only saved at server shutdown, and they are also deleted after loading at start up to ensure the versions found at startup are up to date.
Indexing: WordDocID files should no longer trigger a mirror issue.

Internet Services Build 11.155
(since FirstClass 12 SP1 Internet Services Build 11.144)

Updated calendar invitation handling to better inter-operate with other calendaring systems, such as Google and Exchange.
Ignore mailto: in RCPT TO: addresses, as issued by Exchange.

Filter out XSS attack vectors from the dAltBody HTML stream before sending it to the server.
The XSS sanitizer doesn't strip url() references to image files (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif and .png).
The XSS sanitizing is now more precise in what it removes.
XSS sanitizing can now be disabled/enabled in one of two ways:
The first is via
SET_DisableXSSSanitizing = 1
The default value is 0.

The other way is via a new mail rules built in variable $DisableXSSSanitizing, which is read/write and can be set to 0 (zero) to enable sanitizing or 1 (one) to disable sanitizing.

Adjust level 3 logging so that when sending responses that fail are marked as such.
Changed the Stream closed log message to Stream closed by other end, to make it unambiguous who's at fault.
IMAP: Do async reporting in the NOOP command handler.
Handle ATOM dates in RSS 2.0 feeds.
Fixed crash processing Alt Body HTML.
Fixed broken access to personal web pages via alias.
Fixed retrieval of encrypted S/MIME messages that haven't been decrypted on the way in.
Limit the amount of original message body (used for crash diagnostics) to 100MB, to avoid bogging the machine down.
Fixed SMTP crash.
Replace newlines with spaces in the Location field to improve legibility.
When attaching a calendar event (instead of turning the message into the event), set the start date, duration, etc. (but not attendees).
FTP, HTTP, LDAP, POP3 and IMAP4 now support blacklisting IP addresses when they strike out due to too many bad logging attempts. 
Bad password strike outs (including SMTP) are now controlled by the Abuse note level setting in Basic Internet Setup : UCE/Spam : Abuse.
Added a feature in the AddHandler document to return custom HTTP headers in the response to the HTTP client. 
Syntax is Custom-Header: <contents of custom header>, defined in an <AddURLHandler> block, where <contents of custom header> are the complete header, which will be sent as is.

Buffer data sent to the Symantec scan engine for better performance.
Fixed Symantec scan engine error by not trying to send zero length chunks of data to be scanned.

Web Services Build 62
(since FirstClass 12 SP1.1 Web Services Build 55)

Added preventative security measures~to eliminate cross site scripting~vulnerabilities. 
Fixed continuous retrieval of same page items for partially filled or empty containers.
Fixed container paging not displaying all items in container.
[Windows only] Added LXML installer.

Synchronization Services 11 Build 23
(since FirstClass Synchronization Services 11 Build 22)

Opening and validation of desktop and subcontainers.
Requested SyncML MD5 authentication enforced only when FC server found.
Fixed forever-repeating events not syncing. 
Fixed externally received (Internet) recurring events.

Client 12.007
(since FirstClass Client 12.005)

[Windows] Fixed blank email bodies for HTML message.

[Mac OS X] Fixed printing crash when printing large images.
[Mac OS X] Support for OS X 10.9 (aka Mavericks) operating system controls, such as editors and buttons.

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FirstClass and LearnFlex at attend BETT 2014

OpenText continues to expand the rich collaboration and functionality of FirstClass 12.

Since the initial release we have been working hard on the next set of features and even greater functionality has been added. We look forward to sharing this and much more with you at our upcoming OpenText Portfolio Event in London.

At this event, we also invite you to join us for an interactive session where we will present the capabilities of OpenText's learning management system - LearnFlex - from both a learner's and administrator's perspective.

Learning Management Systems simplify the administration of learning programs within an organization. For employees, it helps them gauge and plan their learning. For administrators, it helps them target, deliver, track, analyze and report on their employees' learning within the organization.

RSVP: Please send an email to to reserve your seat. If you have any questions regarding the event, please send an email to

What's New - FirstClass and LearnFlex
Thursday 23rd January, 2014
London, England
Novotel London ExCel
Western Gateway 
Royal Victoria Dock 
E16 1AA London 
United Kingdom

1:30 - 2:30pm - OpenText LearnFlex Learning Management System
2:30 - 2:45pm - Break
2:45 - 4:45pm - FirstClass 12 Briefing and Demo
5:00 - 7:00pm - Evening Reception and Networking

Register by sending an email to

#Bett2014   #education   #FirstClass   #London   #England  

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Just a reminder: Registrations for the first ever "_FirstClass Code-A-Thon_" are still open should you or your team wish to get involved. Lots of prizes to be won! 

For those who have already signed up, the first Webinar will be next Monday, January 13.

Simply amazing turnout thus far. Teams from all over the world are getting involved. Sweden, Canada, USA, Germany and more! Should be great.

Take the first step, and sign up today!

FirstClass User Group Meeting in Orlando in Late January

part of FETC

Attending FETC? Planning to be in or near Florida in January? Please join us for our FirstClass User Group in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday January 29th, 2014.

FirstClass 12 is here and 12.1 will be released early in the New Year. Are you ready to take advantage of all of the new features and tools it offers for end users? Do you know what changes the next releases will bring? Are you ready to do more with FirstClass than you're doing today?

FirstClass has greatly updated the past few releases, but most customers don't have the time or opportunity to deploy all that's available in each new release. As a result, most sites are not using FirstClass to its fullest potential.

This session will provide an excellent opportunity to find out how to get all you can out of your investment. Existing customers and sites new to FirstClass are welcome!

We want your topic suggestions!! 
Our goal is to make this session valuable to the attendees. If there are topics you would like covered please share your suggestions.

If you would like an opportunity to share how your district is using FirstClass today please let us know.

Wednesday January 29th, 2014 - 8:30am to 12:30pm

Residence Inn & Springhill Suites by Marriott
Orlando Convention Center
8800 Universal Boulevard
Orlando, FL  32819

Before Friday January 24th, 2014
Please email: to register

Important! As we arrange for catering and materials for these events, and seating is limited, please RSVP your attendance ASAP. We look forward to seeing you there.

Jason Sudbury - 888.588.3444 ext 6165

This FirstClass User Group is open to anyone and there is no charge to attend -- please pass this message along to anyone you feel may benefit from this session.
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