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Nathan Russell
Storyteller. Game designer. Father. Teacher. Legend.
Storyteller. Game designer. Father. Teacher. Legend.

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OMG, what the hell is #Woshostoremo ? I feel like I should be doing it!

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Just backed Headspace - nly a couple of hours to get in on this! 

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I have just reviewed Osprey Game's "Tactical Espionage Wargame", BLACK OPS.

NaNoWriMo check-in: 0 words written. (I had 12, but they were awful, so I deleted them.)
NagaDemon check-in: basic game rules written and SOLID. 

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Apparently there's a Mr Russell in Fallout 4... #NotMe # Honest

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New blog post up. Considering the tendency (in my play groups at least) to avoid the "obvious" and "iconic" roles in RPG's.

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All true. And awesome.
Australia Day Eve. :)

Woke this morning to find my all time favourite artist, Mr +Larry Elmore had added me to his circles. That gentleman's artwork is synonymous with my childhood experiences of playing DnD. Day. Made.
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