Google wants to make the web faster. We know it. 

For months now, Google Chrome Team is secretly working on creating a new web protocol named QUIC.
Full chromium-side code is available at

From what I understand, and I'm not a transport-security guy, it looks like a improved version of UDP with some extra features such as encryption.

You can already run chrome with --enable-quic switch to enable it and go to chrome://net-internals/#quic to see nothing. Yup. Since I don't know any QUIC server yet, it's kinda hard to test ;)
And if you try with another switch such as --origin-port-to-force-quic-on=80, you won't be able to browse at all.

On a side note, after SPDY, here's QUIC. What's next? RAPID, BRISK, FAST. 
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