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Hello Strangers!

After a few years of hard work, I have a present for you...

Remember utter! ? Of course you do! Well now it's all grown up - rebranded to Saiy and Open Source.

Get it whilst it's HOT!

GitHub Source -

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Hi, I'm the developer of the Virtual Assistant Saiy, previously known as utter!

I've always included deep Tasker integration into my applications and now I'd like to look to do the same for Automate.

I had a good search on your website and Google, but couldn't find anything for developers - in terms of listing and/or executing or querying variable values - or building a plugin.

Could you direct me to where I can learn more about this please? Alternatively, if it's not currently available, perhaps I could work with you to help outline the base requirements.



Like many other developers, I've received the Google Play violation email for using an Accessibility Service in both utter! and Saiy. They state that such a service is only to help users with disabilities.

I don't agree.

Such users need assistance with 'hands and eyes free' control of their device - but this could also be said of anyone who is driving. Not looking at or touching your device when you're on the road, keeps us all a little safer.

Google should have considered their choice of words more carefully, to include everyone who benefits from hands and eyes free use of their device.
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Hi folks,

Thanks for all of the bug reports which I'm ploughing through - some very weird and wonderful ones in there!

I'm struggling to solve a crash where you simply ask:

"Call Joe Bloggs" (replacing with a real contact name!)

The app then crashes :( It appears that the contact should only have a mobile listed.

If you can replicate this, please help! I can't.... and it makes no sense...
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Hello folks,

Really appreciate all of the feedback, bug reports and suggestions! Ploughing through them all now.

New update just pushed to the Play Store, which fixes UI issues and some TTS crashes on 5.0+

Thanks again!

For devs - GitHub Source Code -
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Hi folks,

I've released my new app, Saiy, which is a rebuild of the Virtual Assistant utter!

It's open source now, so if you've ever wondered how an app like this works, check out the project on GitHub!

Looking for contributions of any kind.


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Hey folks, for those experiencing problems with #utter ! (lots of beeping) please get the update to #Google Now from the Play Store. Unfortunately that version breaks something else sigh, so for a test build with temporary fixes (including Lollipop #Tasker problems), check out the link below!

Once tried and tested, I'll push to the Play Store - then it's on to new features and fixing other pesky bugs (yes, headset support - I know!)

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This is how I want my office wall to look.... Geek heaven @ #googleIO
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utter! goes V3.1.0B

• Conversation mode
• Music recognition
 - Shazam
 - SoundHound
 - Google
• Emotion analysis
- Memotion
• Query calendar
• Text with natural language
• Search Netflix
• Application shortcuts
 - Books
 - Playlists
 - Documents
• All searchable apps
• Search the sky!
• Set a timer [4.4+]
• Deezer support
• Start radio [All Access]
• Navigate to meetings
• Translate text to 20+ languages
• Improved hot word
• Remove pesky ads
• Infinite bug fixes
• Infinitely faster
+ Soooo much more!

Grab it now before it gets so many downloads, it takes down the Google Servers.....
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When I haven't spoken to someone for a while, I have to decide whether to write them a letter (which seems a little 2400 (BC)), call them (seems a little 1876), text them (seems a little 1933), email them (seems a little 1971), IM them (seems a little 1993), Skype them (seems a little 2003), Facebook them (seems a little 2004), send them a Tweet (seems a little 2006), WhatsApp them (seems a little 2009), G+ them (seems a little 2011), or just not bother and assume if they are a true friend, it'll be just like old times - next time I accidentally bump into them.... #thanksWikipedia
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