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Joe Ferguson

Since registration opened for games this week at Origins, I was wondering if there would be any Blades games running in Games On Demand. If so, does anyone have times or dates? I'd love to clear my schedule!

Just received my books and LOVE them.  I have a question regarding the Deduction Round example on page 66 and was hoping someone could help (apologize if this has already been addressed elsewhere).

If Scott's investigator has ruled out all but 3 clues (w/ 3 leads each), that should leave him with 9 possible leads to be determined good or bad and therefore the difficulty should be Challenging (4).  The example states that it's "Very Easy" and with a roll of 6 successes, he eliminates 6 false leads.  Even if Scott were in a party of fewer than 4 players and the difficulty were reduced down to 1, there would still have to be 13+ leads for him to be able to eliminate 6 leads with 6 successes.  Am I missing something or is this maybe a mistake in the example?

Thanks for the help out there Investigators!

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Had an awesome night with +Joe Ferguson and the rest of the Roo Sack crew.

Folks, if you want to know more about Nova Praxis, the Roo Sack Gamers are running a great actual play podcast. Check it out.
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Welcome to me screwing up Mikes awesome game system...
The Roo Sack Gamers have started their Nova Praxis podcast, which features an actual play recording.

The first episode is up, and focuses on describing the setting and the creation of their characters. Check it out!
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