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❤ mobile, mapping and UX
❤ mobile, mapping and UX

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Frost is looking so sharp in this review from MKBHD. Less visible finger prints and those shiny edges. That color should really be called Stormtrooper.
New MKBHD Video is live - Finally dropping the behemoth everyone has been so  #hyped  about.

Nexus 6P Preview!

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Google Search on mobile is now Location Aware

We increasingly turn to mobile search to find out about the places and things that surround us, in the moment.  You might be wondering when that restaurant across the street will open tomorrow; or what is the name of the park you've just run across; or while exploring Paris, asking yourself when 'this' monument was built, and also the name of 'that' museum a block away from you.  Next time you need quick answers to quick questions here and now, Google can help, even if you don't know what 'that' place is called.

At +Search Marketing Expo (SMX) Paris today, Google unveiled a new feature on smartphones and wearables called Location Aware Search. By making searches geocontextual, Google can do a better job at giving you quick answers to quick questions about the places and things that surround you, right here right now.  Just ask about 'that' place; Google figures out the rest.

The feature has already rolled out to Android users, and will eventually work on iOS and web.  Please note that location must be enabled on your device.  Answers will work when a Maps location has been indexed in the Knowledge Graph, which is expanding at a frantic pace to include more attributes over time (opening hours, menus, phone numbers, date of construction, etc).

See more ways to use Google on mobile:

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Android Wear gestures might require some practice, but in short:

- To scroll down one card, flick wrist away from you (quick, then slow)

- To scroll up one card, flick wrist towards you (slow, then quick)

Let's make a song to memorize this!

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"Google is committed to the new USB Type-C spec. Expect to see this in a lot of Chromebooks and Android phones in the near future." 

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Today, Google is launching Google Maps, starting with the Americas and adding more countries soon... Remember 2005?  Happy 10th birthday +Google Maps!

Features, circa 2005:
- get nearby search results shown on the map
- get directions from point A to point B
- click and drag the map and it will render dynamically!

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Starting today, Google Now will show you cards pulled straight from third-party apps on your phone such as +Airbnb +Waze +Pandora +eBay +Duolingo +TripAdvisor +Runtastic +The Guardian +Shazam +Hailo +Lyft and many more coming in the future. 

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One of the joys of Android Wear : the battery on my Nexus 6 lasts me much longer than before, because I take it out of my pocket less often. + Google Now. #lggwatchr 

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A billion translations per day. What's next?

I remember when +Eric Schmidt and +Hugo Barra unveiled  'conversation mode' for Google Translate on Android, at IFA 2010 (video link below). Back then, it was only an experimental product. But five years later, here it is: conversation mode working in real-time, and instant camera translation. Both features are coming to Android and iOS in the next few days.

Incredible how far Google Translate has come since this demo:

#updatewednesday   #android   #ios   #google  

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For those who like to juggle multiple cloud storage accounts, here's 20GB free with Copy. File size is unlimited. Web, Android and iOS apps also available.
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