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My six year old calls me into the room, distressed. "What is this?"
I look down and he's wearing a very odd garment. It looks like grey fleece pants with some type of giant turtleneck hanging from his waist down to his knees. I'm grinning but I can't figure why just yet cause I'm not sure what the hell it is that he has on, I just know it's not fleece pants.

Then he squeals, perplexed, "Is this like a Korean battle skirt?" he flaps the extra material up and down in front of him.

Then it hits me finally and I die laughing for fifteen minutes straight. He's somehow climbed into an adult fleece top, legs fitting perfectly into the sleeves, body section hanging down in the front just like a Korean battle skirt, and I'm like, where the hell does he get this stuff?

Made my morning.

Nothing like entering the bathroom and finding your cute little two year old brushing their teeth. Awww, what a big girl! Just as she turns and plunges it into the toilet! Then I have to wonder how long she's been in there "brushing" her teeth!

Now that the secret is out about who we really are, I just wanted to say, it's nice to be FREE.

Good morning supermotherwriters. Oh, I like that name too. Get your coffee before Lungs Of Steel and Swift Running Terror wake and set you to their tasks.

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