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From the Wednesday 12/18 rehearsal of It's a Wonderful Life at the Springville Center for the Arts.
It's a Wonderful Life
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Lux Radio Theater vs The Campbell Playhouse radio versions of movie "It Happened One Night" by +Bob Stepno  How reporters are depicted.

#reporters #oldtimeradio #ithappenedonenight  

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Oh look - a lovely article on BuzzFeed with a whole lot of us in it! Please enjoy and share!

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Thru DEC 14 Volcano,CA
Volcano Theatre Company presents radio theater 'A Christmas Carol'

#RadioTheater #RadioTheatre

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Tuscon AZ Live Radio Play
Dec 1 Live Radio Play "Merry Twistmas,Tucson!" written by +David Fitzsimmons 
Presented by 94.9 Mix FM
Fun & laughs

#Tucson #Christmas #RadioPlay  

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Submission guidelines, BBC Drama Readings Unit (new content being accepted by NEW writers)

The BBC Radio Drama Readings Unit welcomes submissions from writers new to radio* for their annual series, Opening Lines which is broadcast on +BBC Radio 4 
The next window for sending in material is January 6th – February 14th 2014. We are unable to respond to unsolicited stories submitted outside this time-frame.
As well as broadcasting the three strongest stories we publish transcripts of the best stories submitted within this period on the Opening Lines programme pages. The three successful writers will be invited to London for an afternoon in Broadcasting House and the chance to see their stories recorded.
-Writers who have previously had a story/stories broadcast on network radio or have substantial writing credits in other areas of radio (e.g. comedy and drama) are not eligible for this series.
We are looking for original short stories which work being read out loud i.e. with a strong emphasis on narrative and avoiding too much dialogue, character description and digression. Pay particular attention to how the story opens and closes. We’ll be looking to see whether the beginning of a story successfully links to how it ends.
We are interested in seeing stories which cover a broad range of subject-matter but material which explores particularly dark, harrowing themes is not best suited to Opening Lines. We recommend visiting the Opening Lines programme pages to read transcripts of stories which have featured in recent series (
The BBC has a rigorous taste and decency policy so we cannot accept stories of a sexist or racist nature, or those which use the stronger swear words.
The time allotted for each story is up to 14 minutes, which means submissions must be between 1,900 and 2,000 words in length. We are unable to consider stories which fall outside these parameters.
When submitting your work, you must include a brief covering letter giving your name, e-mail address (if applicable), the story’s title, word count and details of writing track record. Please could you also tell us how you heard about the creative window and Opening Lines. Stories can be submitted either electronically or typed and double-spaced on A4 paper. We regret that we can only accept one submission per writer. Please send us a copy of your story, not your original work as we are unable to return submissions.
We will read all eligible submissions and get in touch with those writers whose stories have been shortlisted for the 2014 series of Opening Lines by Friday 16th May, 2014. We regret that we are unable to respond to those writers whose stories haven’t been selected.
If you would like to submit work to the London office you can e-mail your story to us at or you can send it to BBC Radio Drama Readings, Room 8015, Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA.

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Marquette Radio Junior hosts radio drama show The Venus Theater

The new generation of those who appreciate old time radio keeps growing…

Wednesdays 6pm - 7:30pm CST +Marquette University  Junior +Rebecca Dempsey  hosts “The Venus Theater”.
Dempsey’s repertoire of classic radio scripts includes 'War of the Worlds,' 'Around the World in 80 days' and 'The Hitchhiker.'

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Yeah! +Skype has announced that it will keep MOST functions of its Desktop API.  Previously they had stated that they were going to end it.  Many different podcasting programs/apps, as well as those used by reporters within their company's internal CMS (content management system) relied on this API at least in part. So good news mostly, but Skype might still retire the desktop API at some point.

#skype #podcasting #skypedesktop  
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