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Beware of the 'Gospel of Innovation'

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A Friday filled with conference calls interrupted by the BEST on hold music. Thank you UberConference!

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Thanks Mashable! This is very useful

Jaron Lanier keynote speaker at Silverchair Strategies this year! Looking forward to hearing him speak.

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Pixar's Andrew Stanton gives a lesson in storytelling. A +TED Talk you will want to watch again and again.

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It's all about the metrics
"Bibliometrics mined impact on the first scholarly Web. altmetrics mines impact on the next one." #sparc2012

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"As the data deluge grows in the digital age, it not only is useful for analysis and informing decisions, it also can be used to create content."

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Google +1 affects page rank
How does Google's +1 button affect SEO? We have answers!!

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Yum! (and for the geeks - check out the Physics of Fluids article)
Guinness more science going on than you may have ever imagined

Take a look at the physics of a pint of Guinness, including the formation of foam, the circulation of bubbles, and the importance of nitrogen and surfactants.

And of course there will be those of you who want read the paper mentioned in the video. Link to the waves paper:

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Happy Valentine's Day from Google. Have you watched today's themed Google Doodle yet?
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