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Today is #WorldPoetryDay and we found a nice mechanic poem.

The Old Truck in the Master's Hand
The old truck hadn't been used in a while,
But it should be good for a few more miles.
Under the hood, the engine was rusty,
And the interior smelled faintly musty.
Assuming it would start--we all wanted to know...
When we put it in gear, would it actually go?
Someone called,"All the tires are flat".
But a little new air would take care of that.
Better get some fuel, since the gauge is on "E".
Wash the windshield, so the driver can see.
No problem to let it coast downhill to the mechanic's shop;
Next question:Are the brakes good enough to make it stop?
The truck was so bad, it had no heater fan.
But the Master Mechanic had a Master plan!
He took it to His shop for the needed repairs.
'Twas quite a long time that He kept it there.
He tinkered, and cut, and removed lots of stuff
Solving problems we had thought were real tough.
He put in new hoses, gaskets, and such.
What a joy to watch His skillful touch,
As He cut away the old to make room for the new.
Finally the day arrived when he was all through.
A great crowd gathered around the shop door,
To behold the new creation, there on the floor!
It was washed up, and pumped up,and all the fluids were filled.
Even the body He had been forced to rebuild.
Fresh paint;new tires;and the engine a'humming.
It was ready to face the world oncoming!
When flaws seem difficult to be fixed by man.
Stand back, and watch the touch of the Master's Hand. by Charlie Pelota
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Three Hot Tips for Keeping Your Car’s AC Cool

It may still be winter in other parts of the US, but pretty soon, summer will be upon us. The scorching heat of the sun may cause body discomfort. In the long run, it may also cause damage to your vehicle.

To help you avoid both, here are three hot tips to keeping your car’s air conditioning performing effectively.

Park your car under some shade or use a window sun blocker
If you could, look for an area with some shade or trees to park under. Parking in a garage would be best. This will help keep your vehicle cool. Do this especially if you will be leaving your vehicle there for a long period of time.

Alternatively, you can use a window sun blocker or a sun visor. This is a great investment for those who can't escape parking outdoors on hot days. It protects your vehicle's interior from harmful UV rays and reduces interior temperature.

If you feel that you are in a safe and secure area, you may crack the windows about a half-inch. This will allow some airflow into your car.

Release the heat inside
When you start your car, roll down the windows first. Switch your blower on maximum to let out the hot air trapped inside the car. After two minutes, switch on your AC and roll the windows back up. Make sure you switch the AC to recirculation mode so it cools faster.

Get your AC checked regularly
To ensure comfort during the hotter months, Brookshire mechanics recommend having your car’s air conditioning serviced every spring.

The experts at the auto shop Brookshire Car Care can see to it that hoses and belts are performing properly, and coolant levels are at their factory recommended levels.

Take the necessary precautions by heading down to Brookshire Car Care. They are open from Mondays to Saturdays at 911 Gresham, Brookshire, TX 77423.

Brookshire Car Care
911 Gresham Ave, Brookshire, TX 77423, USA
and can be contacted at (281) 375-2632
Check us out on Social Media!
Home - Brookshire Car Care
Home - Brookshire Car Care
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Engine Diagnostics: Why You Need It

A car is a big investment. Thus, you must take good care of it so you can get the most out of it for a long period of time. One way you can do this is by taking a proactive approach to car maintenance. This is where engine diagnostics come in.

What is a car engine diagnostic test?
Technology has allowed for most modern vehicles today to have an onboard computer known as an Engine Control Unit (ECU). It continually monitors the performance of the vehicle. When it identifies an issue, the ECU generates an error code. It then displays relevant dashboard warning lights.

But while a warning light may display on the dashboard alerting you to an issue, a diagnostics check is required to understand the full extent and cause of the problem. The code tells technicians which engine or component parameters are out of range, but it does not detail the cause of the problems.

What are the benefits of a car engine diagnostic test?
Diagnostic tests are now more time-efficient and less costly than before the ECU was introduced.

Now, one can detect problems with their vehicle before it just breaks down in the middle of the road.

Diagnostic tools can also check a car’s computer system for manufacturer notifications and stored information about the car’s history. This gives technicians a complete picture to perform the best repair possible.

When should a car undergo diagnostic testing?
We encourage car owners to have their vehicles checked at least once a year. This will help uncover minor problems that can’t be seen or heard, or cannot trigger the check engine light.

It is also a useful tool when you’re checking out a used car. Both private sellers and professional car dealers should agree to a diagnostic test before you commit to buying. If they don’t, that’s a sign you should walk away from the deal.

The auto shop Brookshire Car Care has expert Brookshire mechanics that handle diagnostic testing. We also offer a variety of other services and repairs.

For inquiries, you can call (281) 375-2632 or visit us at 911 Gresham, Brookshire, TX 77423.

Brookshire Car Care
911 Gresham Ave, Brookshire, TX 77423, USA
and can be contacted at (281) 375-2632
Check us out on Social Media!
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Engine Tune-Up: Bringing Power Back To Your Car

Regular engine tune-ups bring power and efficiency back to your car. It is important to do this based on your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations so you can save time and money as well as keep your car running smoothly for a long time.

Here’s a checklist of the basic engine tune-up usually done by Brookshire mechanics:
1. Check the visual appearance of spark plugs: Are they worn? What color are the insulator firing noses? An engine in good condition should have spark plugs with light tan or gray insulator firing noses. Any other color could be the sign of an engine problem.
2. Test the performance of spark plugs. What color is the spark? Is the spark properly igniting the fuel?
3. Check spark plug wires to make sure they are not hard or cracked.
4. Check the fuel filter to make sure it isn’t clogged or dirty.
5. Check the engine’s fuel pump for proper function.
6. Inspect the engine’s fuel injectors to make sure dirt or other deposits are not restricting the amount of fuel that can be delivered to the engine.
7. Make sure fuel injector buildup isn’t affecting how the spark plugs fire.
8. Adjust the engine timing and idle if necessary.
9. Check that the PCV valve isn’t clogged or leaking.
10. Inspect the vehicle’s points and condenser

The frequency and cost of a tune-up vary from vehicle to vehicle. The mileage and age of your car may also be a factor. There is not a one-size-fits-all engine tune-up procedure. Check your vehicle owner’s manual for a manufacturer-recommended schedule for tune-ups and other maintenance.

You can also head down to Brookshire Car Care at 911 Gresham, Brookshire, TX 77423 so our expert mechanics can determine the appropriate tune-ups for your car.

We assure you honest and excellent service, not just for tune-ups but other auto repair needs you may also have.

Brookshire Car Care
911 Gresham Ave, Brookshire, TX 77423, USA
and can be contacted at (281) 375-2632
Check us out on Social Media!
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Oil, Lube, and Filter 101

Your vehicle’s oil filter is an important part of the system. It keeps dirt, rust, and other particles out of the system. But, it eventually gets dirty and has to be replaced. So this is one of the many preventative maintenance services that help promote maximum vehicle performance while extending the life of your vehicle.

Mechanics refer to oil changes as an “oil, lube, and filter” job. This means that they will drain your car’s old oil and replaced it with a new one. The same is true with the old oil filter. Also, they will lubricate your car’s chassis.

Many lube, oil, and filter jobs also include checking and refilling your vehicles fluid levels such as the windshield wiper fluid, engine coolant, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid.
Types of oil
You have two options of oil for your car: ordinary oil or synthetic oil.

Ordinary or regular oils are mineral-based products refined from crude oil taken from the ground. Synthetic oils have the same natural ingredients as regular oils but they are distilled in a chemical plant with the goal of mimicking the best properties of natural oil and tailoring to the specific demands of modern vehicle engines.

Although ordinary oil is fine for your car, Brookshire oil change professionals recommend using synthetic oil as it offers better protection for your engine. It offers superior lubrication that reduces engine wear over the long term. Of course, it is more expensive than regular oil. You can ask your Brookshire mechanic for semi-synthetic varieties that are best for your car.

Other issues you may encounter
● The Head Gasket
The head gasket is located between the engine block and the cylinders to keep oil and other fluid from leaking into the cylinders.

A bad or blown head gasket can lead to problems with your engine including shaky or rough performance and reduced power. You should have your head gasket replaced immediately if there are any problems.

● The O-rings
O-rings are used to seal the oil filter and prevent leaks.

If you have bad o-rings, your car is probably leaking oil. If this is the case, you should have your o-rings fixed immediately. Leaking oil is bad for both your car and the environment.

For any queries or concerns, contact the leading auto repair shop in Brookshire, TX -- Brookshire Car Care at (281) 375-2632.

Brookshire Car Care
911 Gresham Ave, Brookshire, TX 77423, USA
and can be contacted at (281) 375-2632
Check us out on Social Media!
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Brookshire Car Care
911 Gresham Ave,
Brookshire, TX 77423, USA
(281) 375-2632
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