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Quality Systems

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Quality Systems has heavy duty and high energy washers to clean oils and greases from electric motors, mining equipment, large engines, aircraft and more.

Our STANDARD FEATURES are upgrades that other companies require you to purchase.

These standards include:

-Easy Tank Access for Clean Out
-Disk Style Oil Skimmer
-Drop Down Center Spray Bar
-Gear Drive Turntable
- And More

For more information, please contact KC Quality Systems Today!

Toll Free: 866-540-7575
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Immersion Parts Washers immerse all surfaces including blind holes and small crevices, to the cleaning solution.

By combining hands-off, total immersion cleaning, easy part load/unload, vertical lift platform agitation and optional turbo jet action parts are thoroughly cleaned automatically. Complex parts that are stacked or nested are no problem.

MAXJETS PARTS WASHERS is pleased to represent the complete Graymills line of immersion washers.

MAXJET offers both solvent and aqueous models.

For more information, please visit our website:

or feel free to contact us: 1-866-540-7575

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KC Quality Systems offers MAXJET Economy Parts Washers. By offering competitive rates and versatility, customization is easily obtained to fit a company's specific parts washer needs.

The MAXJET(MJ) 100 has the capability to clean a full size E40D transmission case standing up or lying down. MJ100 utilizes 40PM @ 45 PSI through 44 brass spay nozzles and the parts are blasted from all sides eliminating the need for a turntable.

MJ100 is manufactured without any moving parts and is on a thermostat controlled heated recirculating washer.

For more information regarding the MAXJET 100 and to view other Economy Parts Washers, please visit:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via online or by phone.

913-362-6131 or Toll Free 866-540-7575
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