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Tipping Point Renewable Energy
Solar energy project developer for businesses, schools and local governments.
Solar energy project developer for businesses, schools and local governments.

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Internal Rate of Return IRR - We started this series discussing how payback is a poor choice as way to convey the value of solar. In our last article we introduced two better approaches: NPV and IRR. We went into depth with NPV, today we will cover Internal Rate of Return (IRR).In evaluating the attractiveness of an investment in the solar energy project, one of the things that we like to point out to people is that solar energy projects can have very attractive Interna...

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Retail Electricity Prices on the Rise (Mostly) - Electricity prices are on the rise throughout most of the country according to the the US Department of Energy's Electric Power Monthly for October 2013 (released on December 20, 2013). This map shows the change in the year-to-date average price of electricity to all sectors (residential, commercial, industrial and transportation) from October 2012 to October 2013. Learn About TableauSource: US Energy Information Adminis...

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Latest Data on Solar in Ohio - As of November 25, 2013, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has approved 100.42MW capacity of solar photovoltaic capacity in Ohio. Hamilton County leads the way in the number of individual facility approved with 169 approved solar pv facilities. But Henry County leads in installed capacity with 14.5 MW installed.Source: The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, List of Approved Cases. Link Learn About Tableau

There are no shortcuts to a life worth living.

The subversive act of nonclinging is an internal coup d’état.


"All hopes and wishes are born of fear. Work now. This is all you need."

Steve Chandler

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There needs to be enough positive benefit that each side of the triangle thinks it is worth doing"

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"It’s an end-around on the advanced energy industry, and frankly on common sense.”

Eric Zimmer CEO, Tipping Point

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"My Panel is Better than Yours- Bankability in Solar Project Development"

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The Great Payback — Tipping Point Renewable Energy
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