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+Warren Rehman 
I made an OSD clock for Android TV but Marshmallow on Android TV does not provide a gui for granting the overlay permission needed by my app.. Any chance this gets fixed in the future?

btw, a similar bug was filed for android wear:

#androidtv   #marshmallow  

today, i noticed you can upload proguard mappings to the google play developer console. You can find it under "deobfuscation files" under "Crashes & ANRs".

However, how does it work? When I view a stacktrace on the console, it still is obfuscated. When I decode the stacktrace locally using the same mapping file, it does work. I never saw this before, so maybe it is not fully implemented yet..? Or what am i doing wrong?

This week I started having trouble casting a YouTube video from my tablet to the NP. I guess the problem started after an update of the YouTube or cast app. When I press the cast icon and connect, the video starts playing on the NP but the YouTube app on my tablet keeps trying to connect, hence I can't use the controls on my tablet. Anyone else having this problem?
Nexus 7 on 4.3 (cyanogen mod)
Nexus player on 5.1.1 (rooted)

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Ik doe wat oude spullen weg maar hoop stiekem dat iemand er nog iets mee kan aanvangen, bvb om zn collectie schroot van de jaren 90 aan te vullen. In de beschrijving prijs ik dan ook mijn gratis koopwaar aan (op nogal ludieke wijze ;)) in de hoop iemand te overtuigen.
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Enable ADB over ethernet without need for initial USB connection. 
- uses currently available active ethernet connection: wifi, wired ethernet, ..
- Android TV friendly (dpad nav + enhanced button focus)
- no usb cable required


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Having fun with Samsung's S Voice app.. :-)
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