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I blogged at Cope ( about Tabletop Day which is, if you've not heard of it, (a) an international celebration of tabletop gaming, happening at local games shops and clubs and coffee houses near you, and (b) Saturday. Since I'm in the industry I'm going to be hitting as many events as I can, and I'm kind of amazed that the social networks haven't been deluged with fellow pros talking about their schedules and what they intend to do. Each to their own, I suppose.

So here's what I'm up to:

Morning--I will be at Leisure Games in Finchley, playing games and talking about games and suchlike.
Afternoon--I will be at Eclectic Games in Reading, for more of the same.
Evening--I may have time to drop in on the Big Red Barrel event at MADD on Rupert Street in central London, but it's far from definite.

Ping me here if you want finer details of my movements and timings. It'd be great to see you.

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It's the last day for +James Wallis's Alas Vegas Kickstarter, and what a ride! The £18K stretch goal fell yesterday, so we've compelled James to write The Great Alas Vegas Novel, and we all get a copy. As I write, the £19K stretch goal, to bring aboard +Richard Dansky, is falling like a bludgeoned blackjack cheater. It is entirely imaginable -- a squeaker, but imaginable! -- to reach £20,000, whereupon the game rules go open-source, +Dennis Detwiller provides a bunch of two-page frontispieces, and +Kenneth Hite descends among us like an angelic vision to show, with his campaign setting "Killing Bugsy Siegel," how it's supposed to be done.

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If the Kickstarter for +James Wallis' Alas Vegas reaches £20,000 in the next three days, I'll write a tarot-driven Bacchanal drift for it called Killing Bugsy. If, you know, that's the kind of thing you want.

Or maybe you'd rather have some sweet +Dennis Detwiller art. That would be part of the same stretch goal, too,
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