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What is the difference between friends, followers, and other social circles here on Google Plus?  

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Need a Romulus Criminal Defense Lawyer?  You know, aside from being one of the only attorneys in the state who has taken more than a hundred drunk driving cases to jury trial, I also take other misdemeanors and felony cases, especially in the Romulus area.

Drug Dogs and False Alerts

DUI Enforcement Over the Holidays
Increased Enforcement Patrols Seek to Raise Revenue
From December 20th through January 3rd each year, police officers are encouraged to work overtime during the holidays.  The overtime pay, which can be very generous, is paid for by the federal government as a drunk driving enforcement grant.  But police departments that accept these grant funds are required to produce numbers.  During the holidays, there is a steep increase in the number of OWI arrests, and some of these arrests include drivers who are actually sober.  That's right . . . Sober motorists are arrested during these holiday campaigns!  The federal government demands arrests.  It does not insist upon convictions.  As a result, we expect to see a growing number of arrests where breath results are below the 0.08 limit.  But even if your breath or blood score is above the legal limit, it does not mean you do not have a defense.  These holiday enforcement policies are plagued with issues, with a large number of illegal traffic stops supporting the arrest.  If you were the victim of an illegal traffic stop, you can motion the court to have your case dismissed under US Supreme Court law.
Sober motorists also need to be alarmed at the steep increase in other tickets and offenses that arise from increased drunk driving enforcement.  While stopping motorists on "suspicion" of drunk driving, police write a large number of tickets for seat belt violations, defective equipment, and speeding.  A suspended motorist will be charged with driving while license suspended (DWLS), and a larger than usual number of possession of marijuana, other drug charges, and concealed weapons violations will be filed over the holiday week.
If you are facing criminal charges arising out of increased holiday enforcement, call our offices today to schedule an appointment.  Our Livonia law office can be reached at (734) 591-0100, and our Romulus law office can be reached at (734) 941-8800.  An attorney is available to speak with you at almost any hour of the day.

Please write a review to share your comments about my firm here on Google+ for others to see!  And please let everyone know if you are former client, fellow lawyer in the community, or one of those friendly police officers that I like to hang out with in court.
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