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Amelia Veronica Darling
A vivacious sewing queen, who loves vintage, ethical & mindful making. Now based in Shanghai!
A vivacious sewing queen, who loves vintage, ethical & mindful making. Now based in Shanghai!

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Dongmen Lu Fabric Market
Happy Wednesday! Time to get some fabric inspiration from the Dongmen Lu Fabric Market here in Shanghai! Can't believe how quickly 2016 is flying by! Hope things are good with you... we're good, healthy and enjoying the summertime so far! It's been rainy se...

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Voila: Pusan Wrap Dress by Couture Nomad
Hello! Today I have another Couture Nomad dress, sewn up over several weeks at my lovely Teacher Catherine's Couture Nomad Sewing School here in Shanghai! This is called the Pusan dress , and part of Catherine's Urban Jungle collection. She uses a business ...

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Voila: Springtime Gathered Skirt
Last week the girls at Craft’d Shanghai asked me to host a “Next Step” type sewing a class… they’ve been organising the 'learning to sew' classes for a while, making aprons, pillowcases and totebags… they’ve added zippers to bags and made infinity scarves l...

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Voila: Long Silk Scarf for Springtime
Hi! How are you?! I'm sitting in my 'blogging' cafe today, catching up on a bunch of emails and different work projects... for the Internet is broken at my place. SO SAD! The router died and we're all waiting for the next option. Fingers crossed! I have kep...

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Talking: Sharpening My Skills
As a sewing blogger, the hardest thing for me is when you don't sew things, what do you blog about? I have some projects I'll show you this next week, that aren't garment sewing exactly... fun relaxing kind of sewing! Like my millions of rope bowls last yea...

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Voila: Briar Top with Tiny Spots
Yay! So happy to show you my sewing today! Last week I had a little window for sewing (I’d traced the Briar Top Pattern - size S - the week before) and so I jumped quickly into cutting & sewing this Megan Neilsen Pattern... If you look through any of my sew...

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Talking: Update on Spring Blogging Workshops
Hi there! Happy Monday! Just quickly wanted to update you on the Springtime Blogging Workshops, here in Shanghai! So if you're not local, skip over today's post and I'll bring you my Megan Nielsen T Shirt later this week! In January, I was knuckling down th...

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Making: A Giant Crochet Toy Bag
So here’s another funny thing I’ve made recently! I noticed a lot of ‘dress ups’ floating around our apartment recently… a pirate costume from Halloween, a ‘Backson’ outfit I made for our Winnie the Pooh loving child and lots of accessories like dinosaur ta...

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Talking: Blogging Workshop & Ads on Blogs
Hey there, if you read my blog in a browser or through bloglovin' you'll see I've added some Google Ad things and an Amazon Ad thing recently just in the side banner bit of my blog. Of course, this has nothing to do with sewing (however I hope they're showi...

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Viola: She Wore Green Velvet!
As a David Lynch fan, I had to with the title of this post! And though I’m wearing green and not blue like the film, there’s a bit of the Blue Velvet theme running in this skirt! On the surface, it appears all beautiful and happy green (although very winter...
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