CALLING ALL GOOGLE+ USERS... Join The Movement & Let’s Make This Happen... #GooglePlusIsNotAGhostTown  

Just over 48 hours ago, I asked the question; Is it possible to travel across the world for FREE using nothing but +Google+  and a whole lot of hugs? -- All whilst raising crazy amounts of money for +UNICEF UK, having fun and bringing my dream to life and letting the whole world dream with me?

What has happened since then? The Google+ community has spoken. My notifications went through the roof and I have had more offers of food, accommodation and travel, than I could have possibly imagined. - From people all over the world that wanted to help me. That cared about what I was doing. I was humbled. Amazing, right? How awesome is Google+ and people that make it what it is today?

For those of you that don't know what I am doing... Over the course of the next 3 years, I am going to be walking from Beijing to London, whilst doing live Google+ hangouts from one side of the world to the other and recording a documentary about my use of Google+ over the entire duration. 

On Friday July 26th, I was meant to be boarding a flight to Hong Kong with the intention of heading up to Beijing on the train, and then I had an idea...

Why not make this journey a little more interesting. Why not make it more about you, and less about me. Inviting you into my journey. Inviting you to take part. And instead of getting on a flight direct to Hong Kong, why not ditch this plane ticket and social-travel all the way using nothing but Google+ and the goodwill of this community... Allowing me to showcase that within my documentary and to the rest of the world...And then walk the entire 15,000km back home (as scheduled) doing live Google+ hangouts.

For more information please visit the original post:

The Plan So Far (I am taking each day as it comes)

(TODAY) WEDNESDAY 24th: +Dan Cunningham  is putting me up for the night at his apartment in Wimbledon.
THURSDAY 25th:  +Jim Banks  is putting me up in his house in London for the night..
FRIDAY 26th:  I am getting the train from  *London St Pancras* to Paris Gard Du Nord on Friday courtesty of +Harsh Ashtekar  and his business (

If anyone can help find a place to stay in Paris, it would be greatly appreciated. I would need it for 2 days (ideally), since I am going to be hosting my first ever live on air hangout event on Saturday. Don't forget to tune in (nearly 600 registered guests) -> 

What’s after Paris? Where are you going? What are you doing? 

OK. So I am going to make my way to Hong Kong relying solely on the  hospitality of the Google+ community, visiting as many Google+ users along my route as possible.

Why? I am filming a documentary about my use of Google+ over the entire duration of my journey and I would like to be able to show the world how amazing the people of Google+ really are.

The Route?

Paris to Belgium. 
Belgium to Amsterdam
Amsterdam to Hamburg 
Hamburg to Copenhagen
Copenhagen to Berlin
Berlin to Wroclaw
Wroclaw to Prague
Prague to Munich
Munich to Zurich
Zurich to Milan.
Milan to Zagreb
Zagreb to Graz
Graz to Budapest
Budapest to Bucharest
Burachest to Sofia
Sofia to Skopje - Tirana
Tirana to Athens
Athens to Izmir
Izmir to Istanbul
Istanbul to New Delhi 
New Delhi to Hong Kong
Hong Kong to Beijing (Then Walk Home)

How can you help?

If you could put me up for the night at one point across my route, drive me somewhere or provide me with a rail ticket, food, water or possibly even a cup of tea, it would be greatly appreciated. If you can't do any of that, just sharing this post and contacting the media on my behalf would be extremely beneficial.

What I am going to be doing...

I will mainly be filming and taking photographs. Interviewing the people that have helped me. Hangout parties and live on air broadcasts. Engaging with my audience, meeting new people, taking on new cultures and generally having fun whilst raising money for Unicef and filming my documentary.

The Rules? (slightly updated)

I have 5 rules to follow during my Google+ Adventure to Hong Kong.

1: I can only accept offers of food, water, travel or accommodation from people on Google+. 
2: I can not accept cash from members of the Google+ community or anyone else.
 *3:* I can not accept a plane ticket from Europe to Hong Kong
4: I can not spend money on anything other than food or water
5: I must drink tea with at least 100 different people on my way to Hong Kong.

Am I still walking from Beijing to London?

100% Yes... I just have to get there first using nothing but Google+.- visiting as many countries and people on the way as humanly possible.

How long until you reach Beijing? I will let the hospitality of the Google+ community determine the answer. If this doesn't go according to plan, I will just jump on to a plane to Beijing and start walking home.

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