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LOL: I recently ran a Google+ advertisement on Facebook that got all of my campaigns suspended. - Great.

The message from Failbook said the following:
Your account has been disabled. All of your adverts have been stopped and should not be run again on the site under any circumstances. Generally, we disable an account if too many of its adverts violate our Terms of Use or Advertising guidelines. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with the specific violations that have been deemed abusive. Please review our Terms of Use and Advertising guidelines if you have any further questions.

P.S; Facebook - You Suck.
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Did they give you any reason other than Google+ sucks?
WOW haters will hate! that sucks
well, on the bright side, i would´ve added you if i saw that add... :)
I wouldn't call your ad "abusive." Obnoxious, maybe -- but not abusive. ;-)
It's ridiculous. - I hope the press pick this up. - If any of you know any press contacts - please forward this to them.
that's so funny. facebook getting so defensive about google+ only proves that even they are aware of how lame they are in comparison.
Yes Facebook SUCKS! I hope Google+ Takes over of Social Media for GOOD.
LOL that's pretty funny. Welcome to Google+ Michael!
They really are fearful babies over there
I think it would be worth it to find what part of the TOS you broke. Btw, did you use a URL shortener?
funny considering Zuckerberg has a google+ account
Ridiculous. Just makes me want to get more and more of my friends off of Facebook and onto Google+.
I knew it! If I was a gambling man I'd have put money on it. How funny yet sad for Facebook.
+Michael Lee Johnson Am I reading this right, they not only stopped your G+ campaign but stopped your other campaigns and disabled your FB account or your advertising account?
+Michael Lee Johnson Why dominate the market through a superior product, just silence your competitors instead. Glad that I never ever made a FB account.
That was a really fun experiment! PLEASE let us know which netted more new followers- the ad, or the tale of the rejection!
I'll respond to each of your questions/responses shortly - I have a ton of e-mails coming in regarding this.
Now if you run a FB ad on G+, we (G+ers) will kick you off. LOL!
I nearly wanted to do just a similar advertisement on facebook.

Can you login to your facebook account now, at all?
Running an ad promoting a competitors product is more than enough reason to discontinue the ad. But saying "Unfortunately we cannot provide you with the specific violations that have been deemed abusive." is just stupid.
and i post it in my wall on FB ... LOL.. I dont like FB policies at all
They acted strangely rude. But remember I think we should always act bias, to benefit of being available on every social network. Microsoft is coming soon with Tulalip! And who knows who else.
haha wow, that sucks, but is kinda funny to see. sorry about the loss man!
+Rebecca Latham Competing in the same space does not make them competition. 20+ million new subs... that's a different story ;)
+Michael Lee Johnson , are you still able to login to your facebook account? or your banning just restricts you from advertising?
well facebook is setting itself up for (more) failure... :/
I shared this on FB.... Wonder if that is an infraction as well? :-) tried to buy circles. FB isn't the one who sucks.
"abusive?" Who did you spank?
aw come on, even their boss in on G+, how fair is that?
@Michael Lee Johnson

Congratulations!!! This is a good omen for you. Bad for them. I'm sending everyone over to the Better Business Bureau in Santa Clara County, California where they are headquartered. Here's the link below. Read the instructions and then go to the file a complaint link and then put Facebook in the box. You can put your complain directly there. I filed my over a week ago. It's one of the few things you can do. If you live outside of the US, then go to the page and click on REMARKS and put your gripe there. Good luck to you. I hope this is the start of something great for you!!!

Better Business Bureau - in the county where FB is headquartered. Pass it on!
I've never seen a single ad on facebook.......oh wait, that maybe because i have them blocked :D
HELP MAKE THIS POST PUBLIC ; If any of your friends are journalists - Either tag them in this post or send them the link directly.
It's crazy that they did this, because the negative press this will earn them will far outweigh any damage done by the ad. HOWEVER, I think it's worthwhile to point out that their Ad Guidelines are dated 1/11 (so pre-G+ launch) and Section 6 states: Refusal of Ads - We may refuse ads at any time for any reason, including our determination that they promote competing products or services or negatively affect our business or relationship with our users.

Again, they should have really should have avoided taking any action and let it just die, rather than follow through with Section 6. I'd like to be generous and suggest they were worried that doing so would set a precedent, but I'm sure the reality is they are just petty. Well, congrats to them, they just earned themselves more negative press.
We should all set our default pictures on Facebook to the G+ logo, and add a link to our G+ accounts in the description.
(Holly's comment just beat me to the punch, but here goes anyway.)

I checked out Facebooks' advertising guidelines, here:

Sad to say -- you Michael Lee Johnson -- are in clear violation. Here are a few terms under which your ad transgress Facebook's requirements:

3. b. iii. Facebook site features cannot be emulated.

5. b. Ads will not be permitted in cases where a business model or practice is deemed unacceptable or contrary to Facebook's overall advertising philosophy.

6. a. We may refuse ads at any time for any reason, including our determination that they promote competing products or services or negatively affect our business or relationship with our users.

7. b. Unless authorized by us, your ads may not display user data -- such as users' names or profile photos -- whether that data was obtained from Facebook or otherwise [Ad showed a Facebook user name and photo]

And, +

Punctuation. Ads must include logical, correct punctuation.
Correct, any publisher can run or refuse any ad they want. And they can approve then refuse ads if they want. But +Michael Lee Johnson said that his account was disabled. I wonder what they will do with my ad and my FB account.
I have a Facebook Ads account, should all of us with one make duplicate adverts? (by the way, +Michael McNally surely Facebook are at fault for approving the advert in the first place before removing it? All ads go through approval process...)

Also edited to add, when I write an interesting Facebook Note, I use their 'notes' icon and create an advert pointing to the notes system... very highly targeted of course, but it still emulates a feature. They have never had a problem with that. Just seems like they got him on 6a.
Well if it helps any, the news about this probably helped you a lot more than the actual advertisement would have. ;-)
boy now I'm confused = ). I do love the line 'Unfortunately we cannot provide you with the specific violations that have been deemed abusive" People should break up with each other that way. Very civil.
It is interesting that in the Facebook terms of service posted by +Michael McNally and +Holly Samee a person is prevent from placing an add that promotes a competing product or service.

That's corporate insecurity at it's best.

Facebook may be about to discover the impact of the Streisand Effect (
WTF? Why won't they give you info on WHY the disabled your account?!
+Leeann Boone - I'm not sure but it's pretty odd. - Obviously Facebook are running scared of Google+ because they think it's a more superior network?
Before we all dump on the evil Facebook has anyone checked to see if Google has a similar "not allowed to advertise competing products or services" clause in their terms and conditions?
Ming Er
Why does liking G+ mean hating FB? I'm guessing none of you have experienced dealing with cryptic Google support when your AdWords campaign gets suspended.
Just did: "Customer shall not, and shall not authorize any party to: (a) generate automated, fraudulent or otherwise invalid impressions, inquiries, conversions, clicks or other actions; (b) use any automated means or form of scraping or data extraction to access, query or otherwise collect Google advertising related information from any Program website or property except as expressly permitted by Google; or (c) advertise anything illegal or engage in any illegal or fraudulent business practice."

Nothing about competitive services at all.
+Steve Remington On one hand, it seems like corporate insecurity, especially in a situation like this, which is emotionally charged in a near-personal us vs. them sense. However, this is not unusual ad protocol. There's a reason why you don't see ads for Arena's Project Runway Australia while watching Masterchef on Ten (sorry, my knowledge of AU tv and channels is limited).

In reality, a business should have no reason to want to promote a business that is ultimately a threat to market share.
While that might explaining killing that one ad, it doesn't explain their killing all of his ads.
+Jeanne Weierheiser Don't get me wrong I am no Facebook lover. While I think the way Facebook handled the situation was a little (OK maybe a a lot) silly, I thought it was worth checking that Google did not have an equivalent clause in their Terms of Service before we lynched Facebook.

+David Schlesinger appears to have discovered that Goggle does not have a similar clause.

Now it's open season on Facebook :-)
No, you can apparently place ads for Bing on Google's AdWords service, if you're inclined. They get paid the same, either way.
As I said earlier, complain to the BBB about FB. They have an online form and are getting lots of complaints. Need a few more too.
+Ming Er I have not dealt with that, but I have always found Google to be incredibly responsive when you get to the right people. It takes a bit of looking, but it is one of the few companies where department heads and members will respond to emails.

+Michael Lee Johnson Astounding. It's amazing that they suspended your campaign. I don't understand why they wouldn't monitor clicks on your ad, and the associated email address/name. Then monitor Google+ for those people. Once the people are on Google+, add them to a circle and monitor what they say. That is incredibly valuable data.

It's absolutely amazing that they do not care about attrition rates and reasons. They lost so much by suspending the campaign.
facebook surely succeeded in getting you more google followers
Links to a Blogger ( site gets you temporary loss of access and an eventual required recaptcha fill-in

links using puts you in the same situation
+Holly Samee I understand why companies do this but it is still fundamentally corporate insecurity.

In this case insecurity or not Facebook stuffed up. Firstly, they let an infringing ad be published. Second, they not only pull the infringing ad they cancel the entire ad account and all (apprarently) non-infringing ads.

It will be interesting how much negative press this incident generates. Not that it will matter squat anway because the majority of Facebook's 750M+ users are Mr and Ms Average who are unlikely to read technology news or blog sites anyway.
+Steve Remington I couldn't agree more. The first and fundamental mistake was allowing it to be published. Pulling it after that was just asking for exposure, or the Streisand effect, as you pointed out earlier.
that ad got me here, now im like "where is the democracy?!?!?"
Hm, I'm all about Google and not particularly a fan of Facebook but I call shenanigans on this one. Screenshot the message not the "ad". If that really was the message he received then that's some pretty shitty legalese. This is one case where "pics or it didn't happen" really applies.
+Michael Lee Johnson That is total B.S.!!! I'm deactivating my FB account as soon as I get settled from my move in protest to this act! I guess a little fair competition isn't in FB's vocabulary. I won't miss it one bit! What do you say G+'rs, let's all boycott FB on Michaels behalf...
It seems there are lots of technochildren that weren't taught to play well with others. Competition breeds creativity. Lawsuits and mud slinging don't make you better, they just make you ugly.
You lose, but yet you are the WINNAR!
Facebook is starting to reflect on that other winning site, MySpace. They know there trembling over G+ potential.
hehe, FB starting to afraid of Gplus eh? Gplus is much better than FB and Twitter IMHO, I like the circles, so I can divide family, internet marketer, friends etc, I can focus when I read streaming not like others.
That's amazing.
Lao Shi
Wooo, circled!
I wonder if they don't review ad before it run on their network? banned after it run, idiot. MZ should rename Facebook to FailBook
yeah Facebook fail, MZ should rename it FailBook
I think Facebook might be feeling a little touchy over this G+ stuff...
Where else would you get more people in your circles. TechCrunch. Great strategy, I circled you.
its a victory for freedom, intellectual can't find that on FB...
Saw this on TC. Hilarious. They are SO gonna lose this game. BTW: I added you. This was probably the best ad you could ever have invested in : )
OPEN SYSTEMS are the key.. i dont care if its ad space or not... FB fucked it up. FB FAIL
Maybe now Google can offer you up some free advertising on Adwords as a small token of thanks for getting the G+ message out there and making FaceBook look silly (even if it's stated in their T&C's)
The new trend is facebook Google+, so may be that reason they get unsecured, hope one day they will realize the reality.
Frankly this appears very unsporting indeed and Yeah baby, Facebook seems to have started sensing imminent danger of this exponentially growing Google+ monster lurking right at its door... with its own doors yet shut. Its really heating up.
Facebook is running scared. They know the cycle is inevitable. They will become like MySpace in a year so they're trying to scratch and claw to stay in the game. Did you see what they did with the new web extensions that users created to import all of their pictures from Facebook to G+, Facebook blocked them. I can't believe it.
Facebook did block people from exporting their contact lists which I missed out on.
coz you're stupid! i'm thinking you're getting paid by google to this don't you?
LOL! it's a sausage fest on Google+
Interesting. But I believe Google or other corporations would behave the same way. You can try doing something similar (e.g. "Let's go to Facebook and add me as friend") when there will be adds in G+. Maybe they suspend it at well :) It's not too weird, 'cause noone would like to promote their competition.
How can an ad be against the TOS? They have to approve every ad and if an ad got approved, I thought it should be okay. One of my ads was rejected because it showed a topless girl from behind. So you really could not see any intersting parts.
+Michael Lee Johnson Btw, you should keep writing them and keep asking for specific violation. It might not be connected to this particular advert at all. I don't think they would risk rather contraproductive decision like this..
Defect each defect can say there is competition between Google and the other site, because of course there are no rival Google in the arena of the Web
You should post an ad for Facebook here on G+. That'll show them. Oh wait...
Facebook is really run by a spoiled arrogant young man.
dude, you are right, fb sucks!
i don't like Mark Zuckerberg's way of doing business, too.
you guys remember two months ago facebook hired a PR firm to slam google?
facebook you dirty POS +Mark Zuckerberg
ahaha what happens on gplus , stays on gplus :))
nice job!!!
Facebook is really low.
A rule that forbid the promotion of competitors...I find it silly. If anyone of us would have been so insecure about his business, Google Adsense wouldn't even exist.
Heard about this on (I think it was) TechCrunch. Just for that I am following you.
If you ever needed an excuse to look into social networks OTHER THAN F-Book.... here it is!
Guess that's better for'll never need to go back to Facebook ever. Just forget that sucking social service
Well, looks like it did work. I added you. 8^)
I added you to my circles, in solidarity and protest! Go for it brother!
facebook has a monopoly in social advertising, I guess more than 90 percent market share, so FTC and DOJ should get involved methinks, regardless of whatever facebook's TOS conditions are. This betrays facebook's insecurity more or less. There is nothing abusive in the ad. Liking G+ does not mean disliking facebook :)
^^ so are you saying Google has LESS of a monopoly now that it's eating FB too?
google is already under investigation, whether its considerable power in advertising among others is detrimental to consumers.
You're a moron that's why, but you succeeded though so enjoy your 10 minutes of fame while it lasts, hipster!
man you are undoubtedly awesome
...neither i was a big fan of FaceDook so far either...
what is facebook? lol for violating terms issues
hey, Michael, you look almost exactly as someone I know. That's so funny...
Yet another reason why competition is good. FB is definitely feeling the pressure. I am very happy about that. Now, I don't think this is in any way unwarranted, however this goes to show the true teeth of FB. In either case I want to see how this plays out. Ultimately this will piss developers off, but if users keep flocking to it, it won't matter.
Export your Facebook contacts to Yahoo! Mail, the import them into gmail, worked for me.
I have nothing constructive to add to this comment thread.
CRAZY: I've just got back to the computer from a good nights sleep and all this has been going on? Seriously... Unexpected. - I'm kind of lost for words...

I guess the ad worked better than I could have imagined - Even though it was cancelled.
Looks like they are going out of their way to lose event more users.... Facebook is handling this so poorly...
I do think everyone of you should add me on Google+ I am just saying...Why? Just because...
Looks like your ad worked better than you expected, judging by the number of circles you're in. Screw FB. 
This post made me follow you. Or is it circle you?
I'm tempted to try this, just to see if they suspend me.
Just thought I'd add a small comment. A lot of people are saying FB is fail because they dont publish the reason. The reason they do is so that the person being punished isnt aware, or at least from facebooks point of view, can not assume who complained about him so they cant harass the complainer for that. They have therefore just taken the straight policy line never to disclose the actual violation no matter what.
Btw, awesome ad. :)
I would delete an ad on my site if it was promoting my direct competitor. Just sayin. Everyone here would too, in a heartbeat.
I would delete a competitor's ad on my site too, but then I don't have a social media site and as a user I'm not obligated to see things from their perspective :)
They have the right to do that, but I think they should have just suspended the G+ ad. I think banning your entire account is a little extreme.
Facebook is officially the new MySpace
Facebook crashes a lot,especially on my iphone.Can't wait for Google+ app for the iphone
rob d
well goodluck to failbook
What's funny is I never would have seen your ad on Facebook, but you're now in one of my circles due to Techcrunch coverage ;)
yeah me too to show support fu...!! FB they scared
I just caught the story on cnet. Had FB not been such a bunch of punks, you wouldn't be getting so much attention. Poetic justice at its finest.
Just saw the article. I actually posted a link to my Google+ profile on my Facebook page asking people to hit me up here. I guess it was the ad vs post.
Facebook is just nervous. They know Google+ is an innovative new twist on social networking and they've got...nothing. Well, they have some 2006-tech/video chat. Yippie. Nice ad btw.
Amusing, not least because you're gaining notoriety via other tech media! So an all round fail for FB
And you got free publicity on too. :)

Obviously, Facebook don't like your money!
But out of being banned you now have many more followers. You could probably thank CNET for running the article.
saw the news about u on cnet
Just found out about you on CNET site .. Cool!
Pump up the volume! Thought that was pretty funny!
I think google+ still has a bit of growing up to do, but you are right, facebook sucks, they sooo need some competition
I added might well have gotten more attention from being banned...and free. No cost per click. LOL good luck
Ahahaha, Facebook sucks, Google+ is just so much more useful. Great job to all the developers!
Michael that was awesome running the Ad. Facebook is running scared. lol! Facebook say hello to Google+
You're Ad is working better than ever +1 to you for getting FB to 'cause your ad to go viral!
You rock!! Facebook sucks.. Stupid Mark Zuckerberg..
You Rock .... And you are being followed ... Great idea. 
Everybody should get their 15 minutes by being banned by billionaires.
I got this message from NAKEVA wall post - immediately added you as a friend :)
Of course fb would protect themselves in a case like this. FB doesn't like ppl who "rock the boat" which is funny because isn't this same idea how the company got started? Hypocrites, aren't we all.
wow man, that was bold to do, lol! still sucks they did that to you. It screams fear from Facebook, and well they should. G+ blows Facebook and Twitter away. I knew something was up with that lame "Big news announcement from Facebook" the other day-they announced a facebook/skype integration that was already working for 3-4 weeks, I'd already been checking it out when i had to delete skype and reinsrtall it and got the newest version, with the facebook integration. I was like, "THAT'S the big Facebbok news? something is UP". and it sure was, a week later G+ opened and I got an invite. Facebook has some work to do. They should've went public last year when the interest in the stock was so high. I guarantee you GOOG stock is going to go up a good bit once G+ is public, so if you have the funds to afford their stock, I recommend buying some.
Revel in your notoriety ... well played!
I just posted a link to the article about this ... on Facebook. Let's see if they close my account. (I'm actually hoping they do, to tell the truth.)
Nothing surprising though, and by now maybe you should be thanking FB for good. Lol 
That's awesome. Except for the part where Failbook used the ban-hammer on you :|
Well I was thinking of advertising and my own G+ account on Facebook, but not any more!

I really do think that Facebook is getting scared by the competition and will enter into a desperate fight to stay on top (e.g. Video chat) and wind up screwing it up so badly, it'll be like MySpace's attempt to redesign itself.

Hope you can get your money back and get your advertisements back up. You've got a reshare from me!
Neat! Probably the surest way to close a FB account.
actually they are afraid how they'll survive now ;)
Adding you because you made the news. Brofist.
Well in a way this has brought you some attention because now you are in the news which FB can't I have shared the article on my FB and my G+. Keep fighting! You get a +100 in my book!
so sorry for you,but this makes you famous on the Internet
just read an article featuring this story.. decided to follow you because of it.. great story hope you get it out there
+Michael Lee Johnson You are a genius! You have just discovered the easiest way for Facebook to kill itself. Everyone posts a similar ad on FB advertising to their friends. Facebook starts to ban their accounts... The end.

Start a movement, make a post asking everyone to post an ad on Facebook advertising to their friends to start with. I am just wondering whether Facebook is going to start to ban legitimate active users by the 1000s.
+artashes... This is definitely a perfect idea... Everyone talks about Hitler and African leaders who hold on so much to power... But it's so easy to see greed is at the heart of nearly everyone... Thanks to google... If not we would have had Jobs and mark pushing U's around like sheeps
Consider yourself added. I love the "Unfortunately we cannot provide you with the specific violations that have been deemed abusive" part. Way to go Facebook :(
Nicely done. You are my new hero, Michael.
Everyone go to facebook and post a link to this + offer free invites to google+
Pan Ng
for freedom
Well, see what they just went ahead and done? I just added you Michael
Good on ya. May you reap the rewards that you deserve!
absolutely incorrect! FB seems to be managed just by big kids. We should all invite our FB friends to join the G+ circles -as I will. Google is a company more open minded and "mature"...
The way I see it, +Michael Lee Johnson wasn't really promoting or endorsing G+ because his ad targets those who already has a G+ account. Maybe Facebook suddenly developed the mindset that any Facebook user who gets a G+ account is already as good as lost. :D
Just read this story on Technically Incorrect on Cnet. Pretty ridiculous.
Got here right after reading an article on a tech news website. Well, having Facebook blocking your ad does better job promoting your account. I wouldn't bother to check your G+ account if I saw the ad on Facebook, but if I see it on the news because it's blocked by Facebook...well, I should definitely check it :D
I heard the news about this - and added you for that reason alone! I would dearly love to see Facebook lose its dominance. Why? Because - a world with only one flavor of ice cream is super boring.
Yup, FB did you a big favor in giving you all the best sort of publicity. By the way, Failbook is good, but our name for it here in 'Bawston' is Faceplant. 
I wonder how many followers did you get with FB ban ? today you are like some kind of martyr
Sorry but it's a fundamental advertising guideline that you don't promote a rival company or product.

Now i agree with everyone that Facebook uses draconian methods in it's business management and model and i was more than happy to jump ship but this isn't news.

However, shying away from actually giving you the exact term in the conditions you broke, was just immature in FB's case.
FAILBOOK FAIL! :D they totally gave you a big boost with this, if you planned this, I admire your wits!
I honestly believe it's only because Zuckerberg is scared shitless about how Google+ will be the new 'social network' gathering how it was with MySpace, then Facebook and now Google+.
Hello Michael, thought I would follow you. Sorry you got in trouble with facebook!
Ditto what Whiskey Smoker said. I hope you get a million followers. You did not deserve that!
Thanks Indie Islands. This is what my Facebook looks like now.

Changing your profile picture and linking to your G+ is something we could all get away with. :D
i wonder how facebook will respond to this article
Ha Ha Ha...Thanks for the smile. I was wondering if Facebook was monitoring ads for Google+ or even comments. Nice job in bringing this into the light.
full solidarity, and thanks for demasking Phalsebook! After all, all the story is becoming a good AD ...
Ironically, by cancelling your ad they gave you the best marketing campaign you ever had - this is now news everywhere! I've been brainwashing everyone to join Google+ and leave FB, I hope all of you do the same.
Just read your story man! Had to add you. Incredible! Looking forward to your next app!
As a Facebook fan i'm shocked of it's actions !
Oh the irony of it sometimes - you log in to facebook using your gmail account. What can FB do now?
its a shame the way facebook is acting
@Nicky van rensburg, you know you can download all of your facebook data in one archive file from the account settings page?
Dear Google - The share counter has stopped on 1000 shares but I've probably had double that... is this a bug?
That is just so wrong. I read about this on CNET; +Mark Zuckerberg should be ashamed of himself for acting like such a jerk.
If a book is banned, I usually want to buy it and read it. You're banned for asking for followers on Google+, so I want to follow you and hear what you have to say . . .

If you find any more, please let me know.
Fear makes people - and companies - do stupid things.
I guess it kinda backfired on 'em eh? I read about it and new instantly that I had to add you! "Mr. Zuckerberg...tear down these walls!"
Yup I added you because Facebook decided to ban ALL your campaigns...that's bull! ...Facebook's end is near. 
Anyone who offends facebook is a friend of mine.
"Anyone who offends facebook is a friend of mine." - Bobby Coggins
I just find it funny that how their actions have drawn so much more attention to it.
HMM: I think me and +Larry Page are the only members of the 1000+ club. - But I may be wrong. - Does this entitle me to a FREE ChromeBook? - I think it should :) - Purely for all the Google+ brand mentions throughout the press.
That is just too sad. Facebook is cutting off their nose to spite their face. Seems you can promote anything, and I do mean pretty much anything on Facebook, as long as it's not G+?
Yeah! Facebook realy suck...
Hey Michael, I read about your unfortunate circumstance on Cnet. Thought I'd support your cause. ;) Please respond in kind. Thanks...
Read about you on CNET. Fight the good fight, bro.
Hmm.. sounds like vengeance is in order.
It made me lol when I saw it on cnet. 
I decided to add you on Google+ just to spite facebook. Hello!
Added you. Because I simply don't like bullies. Best of luck to you, Michael.
Well done Michael. Getting the feeling Facebook is on tilt.
Just saw an article about this, and added you. So your ad worked anyway. Well done.
FB is just going about it all the wrong way. If Mom tells you not to drink, it makes you want to drink more. If you look at your G+ profile you can link to FB account to your profile. G+ doesn't try to pretend that FB doesn't exist. G+ +1
This is indeed a great sign. Way to go Facebook! Show your users that you hate them if they like your competition.
So of course I had to add you to my circle of friends just because. Hi!
I added you because of this very thing!
I added you also in protest to the callous and heavy handed oppression of Facebook my 9.000.000 mafia says to heck with Mark Zuck Zuck
Hilarious, Since on Mark Zuckerburgs profile it says "I'm trying to make the world a more open place by helping people connect and share" All righty then
LOL! Excellant! Screw Facebook and Mark Ziuckberg. Lets be honest, he wasnt bright enough to think of Facebook on his own so I doubt the Terms and Conditions were his either.
This has just become the best (free, btw!) advertisement for both you, g+ and how much fb really sucks. Nice move!
I read it too on some local news in my country.. sorry to hear that.. I wonder if Mark Zuckerberg have a G+ account.
1111st +1, I feel so special!
"Unfortunately we cannot provide you with the specific violations that have been deemed abusive." They said the same thing when they "banned" me from Facebook.
Seriously?! This is hilarious lol.
Afraid of a little competition I see.
you're becoming very popular because of this. this has spread in the internet.. I even posted it on Facebook. LOL
I actually do understand Facebook and would have done the same – why should facebook allow advertisments for competing products?
i added you and started protesting against this shit... yeah... now i can't log into facebook anymore! whoohoo! if this goes on like that, facebook will delete all their users until 2012 :P
Wow, just wow. Facebook sucks.
Honestly, I'm not quite sure how I found this, but I'm sure glad I did. Facebook was arrogant to think that they'd never have worthy competition. Well, the party's over -- Google's got their shit together, and FB is frightened. No one should have to be "brainwashed" into joining "Plus" as it is a logical alternative to the bullshit that FB users have been dealing with for ages. Google's diligence regarding privacy and ownership of personal info is huge. Those that claim not to care will change their tune soon enough.

p.s. Users shouldn't have to jump through all sorts of hoops to get what Plus proudly sports -- a clean, uncluttered page. This was previously something one could acquire via Adblock (or similar). The ads truly are obnoxious and quickly pushing FB in the direction of its predecessor, Myspace (aka "The Ghettoland of the Internet").
SOOOOOOOOOOO we don't have any reason to disable you ... other then the fact Google+ is better then us and we don't want anyone to know......WELLLLL UMMM Facebook with 10 million users deep...I think the secret is out...ROFL!!
yet another reason to leave facebook
If your paying for an add, you should be able to advertise whatever you want. They advertise all kinds of crazy stuff. Id be looking into a law suit if I was Michael.
One ad (or two?), and they shut your MFS down. How scared are they! Like moths before the fire, or luddites in the face of the almighty weaving machine. Burn facebook burn!
Did the same this morning, just red on the news about you
Let's wait and see what they're gonna do with my account!!!!
...I would have never seen the ad... but the aftermath of it led me here... so the free publicity won once again... :)
Looks like you were put on "double secret probation."
lol.. fb is trying to protect themselves from ppl jump ship :P
- If anyone sees my ad in a printed edition, could you please save the article and get in touch with me please. - Thank you.
ROFLCOPTER. Dude, you are too stupid for not reading the terms and conditions.
why can't I share this on FB!? =(
Chris C
I can't even fully load facebook on any browser I try it on. I think I've been banned from FB too. I had told my friends to try Google+ and even posted twice on a friends wall a reply to him saying how he's getting annoyed by FB, so I told him to try Google+ 2 hours later I am not able to go on FB.....
Theoretically this should have been deleted for advertising ... But in fact, Facebook has done it for fear of Google! W Google! (And M Facebook!!!)
how to make a spam filter on g+
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