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WTF? I think Facebook HQ have it in for me. I can't believe this shit has happened again. 

I just setup a campaign over on Facebook to promote #ProjectHangouts , it was accepted and then 5 minutes later all of my campaigns had been disabled.

The message from Facebook said the following:

Your account has been disabled. All of your adverts have been stopped and should not be run again on the site under any circumstances. Generally, we disable an account if too many of its adverts violate our Terms of Use or Advertising guidelines. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with the specific violations that have been deemed abusive. Please review our Terms of Use and Advertising guidelines if you have any further questions.


Funny. This isn't the first time this has happened. Checkout my inital post on the subject back when Google+ first opened. -> 


What do you think? Do Facebook have it in for me?
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I've noticed similar things.  I used to post stuff from google+ onto facebook, and it went well for a couple of days.  Then, all of a sudden, my posts would only show the text portion, and not the photo of the google+ post.   Reason:  Facebook does not want anything google+ related to be promoted... Do they feel threatened?  
Yes, +Bo Kauffmann . A lot of people to not know about Google+ yet. Personally, I completely switched from Facebook to Google+ because of the horrible and inappropriate things that are being posted. I think that once people realize that there is a better social networking outlet, there will be many more people switching, which scares Facebook because they will have less profits.
I agree +Danielle Lewis   but if a lot of people switch, some of the riff-raff from facebook will switch as well, and it may create the same issues here.   Right now, there is some excellent stuff being shared....loving it
left FB 6 months ago and will not go back! You have a great project and Google+ will serve you well. Any thought on creating a #community for this epic undertaking?
Wow. This is an eye-opening experience for me.
+Bo Kauffmann , i agree with the sentiment i hugely prefer G+ to FB, but "riff-raff", really?

I think that when more people switch we will get a lot of the problems on here that we have on Facebook, but that whole sentiment reeks of some sense of superiority that people on here have neither earned nor deserve.
I'm gonna start with saying that I'm a huge fan of all things Google and NOT a major fb fan but I'm there cuz it's needed for work and most of my friends are sadly still there..

But in all fairness, one can't run Google ads for a Facebook page and similarly one can't run Facebook ads for G+ I guess? 
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