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Atmel Unveils XSense – Revolutionary Flexible Touch Sensors that Enable a New Era of Capacitive Touchscreen Designs.

"Our groundbreaking XSense technology transforms the touch experience for users of new smartphones, tablets and other touch-enabled products," said Atmel President and CEO Steve Laub. "XSense launches a new era of touch design, enabling our customers to redefine touch and to create a new class of products that were previously only imaginable. Combined with Atmel maXTouch® controllers, Atmel provides a completely optimized, unparalleled touch experience, extending its product portfolio deeper into the touch eco-system."

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Promising. But for truly bendy devices, you need not just flexible screens but flexible circuitry too...
actually its a spoof on apple, steve laub = steve jobs ? get it now
Dude. This looks at least like year 2100 tech! Dang, technology is evolving tremendously fast these days.
I recently worked in the ATMEL corporate building in San Jose, Ca. 
Their Technology is amazing, expanding fast and soon in my opinion will have a shuttle of success in their next advancement of micro technology Steve Laub is a very respectful person in his field as CEO of ATMEL. it was a pleasure working there and i would love to go back.
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