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There's an important debate about the extent to which hate speech should be proscribed or limited — by laws and by platforms' policies. In this essay (partly transcribed, I admit, from a Twitter rant), I talk about why the balance which maximizes the openness of the marketplace of ideas – the underlying reason why we have freedom of speech as an idea – is one which includes meaningful prohibitions against hate and harassment.

The main reason this is the needed is a "market failure" of this type of market: absent regulation, hate and harassment let people impose costs on others for speaking, and crucially, those costs and their effects are not equally distributed across people or ideas: they favor the speech of the powerful over that of the weak. And the usual mechanisms within the market, of "the remedy for speech being more speech," are unable to prevent this for multiple reasons.

That isn't to say that the choice of prohibitions is easy; it's an incredibly complex problem, and the risk of the state having the power to suppress speech isn't diluted by the fact that there's also a risk of people being able to suppress each other's speech. I touch on some of the basics of that equilibrium, and hopefully one day I'll be able to write a full essay on that subject.

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Further musings on protecting privacy / anonymity of an online identity: As always, feedback, suggestions, etc. appreciated.

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Musings on privacy / anonymity online:

I'm thinking about some follow-up writing at some point and I'd like to read more about what others have said in this general realm - if you have any links to relevant articles / essays please share.

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i made a thing about making a thing

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Just added a bunch of items to my online ceramics store - Turns out inventory management is a bit trickier when every piece is unique. Check out or otherwise get in touch on-line or in person if you're looking for some nice pottery for someone (possibly yourself :) ).

The election is about which available candidate will do a better job. Full period. Stop. Do I still like Sanders and wish he were still in the race? Of course. There are people I like even more and who I think would do an even better job than Sanders. They were not candidates in the primary so I (enthusiastically) backed Sanders at that stage. Now Sanders is no longer a candidate (yes, there was all kinds of super shady stuff going on, but the reality right now is that he's not a candidate), so I enthusiastically back Clinton as the best available candidate. "Bernie or Bust" is basically tribalism masquerading as idealism and is an irresponsible stance as a citizen.

Job change announcement - on June 3 my employment at Williams comes to a close (quite amicably). I have various plans and ambitions for post-Williams work / life, but I'm not moving on to a specific other job (though I am open to discussing things if you know someone whose looking). It's been a good run (about 13 years), I'm very glad to have had the opportunity to do the work I've done there, I look forward to keeping in touch with the many friends I've made during that time, but it is time for me to be doing something different.

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