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Todd Masco
Well... Todd's just this guy, you know?
Well... Todd's just this guy, you know?
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I'm watching LOGAN, R at Lakeline on Mar 14, 2017 at 07:25 PM

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I can only hope that this is true ( separation of church and state ftw!) but it reeks of being the standard right wing fear mongering that Fox has become famous for!

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+Wil Wheaton, I've gotta say, is definitely +living the life+...
By popular demand, here's a time-lapse of my Makerbot creating a neon green octopus.

For those who don't know ; I am currently in rehab, for brain damage incurred following heart surgery.

Currently, I am only posting and actively reading on that Book of Faces...and only reading and posting there intermittently. Over there, ask to join Team Cactus, if you want updates...

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled Google+...

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Totally in rehab, for atrophy/damage incurred during my heart surgery in early July... For more details, you will have to check me out on Facebook, I don't have the patience to repeat them here!

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But, if you want to know more, you will totally have to look me up on That Book of Faces...
I am totally in rehab for the forced inactivity following the complications due to my heart surgery...

I am totally in rehab for the forced inactivity following the complications due to my heart surgery...

To those whom it may concern; I am getting up, and pushing myself, more and more every day, and I have more and more (mental, as well as physical!) energy every single day, almost, and am largely afraid that my reach will soon exceed my grasp in every way (not necessarily a good thing)!

I am already wishing that I had a pool here, and would go through the hoops right now, necessary to renew (or recover, on the odd chance that I am still an active member!; Hell; insurance might cover it, as a "cheaper than Rehab" option!) my 24 Hour fitness membership, if I knew when it will be needed (and had a reliable way to get there!!). But as is, my "official" rehab will probably (re)start in earnest in the next week or so, it is sounding like!

A big round of thanks to +Casey Clough and +Turtle Inferno, for sticking with me through all of this, and a special big thanks to my mother, +Jean Masco, for totally rocking at taking care of me, sometimes in spite of myself!

I'm gratified that more of my friends have added Diaspora* than have added Google+, as a result of the recent Facebook changes (if you want an invitation to the Diaspora* pod that I'm on,, let me know).

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LinkedIn pulls a Facebook (h/t to boingboing for the pointer.)
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