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Laura Adair
Mummy, Wifey, Animal Horder.
Mummy, Wifey, Animal Horder.

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/My Photo of the week!
Set up my studio for the first time! So this week I set up my home photo studio for the first time! I got a few backdrops so thought I'd test the pretty pink one with polkadots first for H... Gender stereotypes? Oh dear. Well, I think they turned out really...

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Be aware of scars you can't see
As a rule, 'celebrity' deaths don't usually get to me. They're sad and all, especially so when they're young and they leave families and children behind, but because I don't know them, usually it's a fleeting feeling of sadness for their family and I don't ...

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She loved messy play today! Now Harper is a little older and sitting a little better I am always trying to think of new things we can do to help her development. I've seen a lot about sensory play and messy play and I've been thinking I'd like to try it wit...

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Review: Annabel Karmel Quick & Easy weaning
All you need to know about feeding your baby in the first year I received this in the post today, and while Harper was sleeping I had a little looksee through it. Bearing in mind Harper is only 4 months next Saturday, she's not quite ready for weaning, but ...

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Time flies when you're having fun... Or even if you're not apparently!
I'd say TGI Friday, but we woke up this morning to find a paddling pool had been installed on our kitchen floor courtesy of our boiler and  washing machine. I think the two may be related or it's just really bad luck - but it's not really the kind of thing ...

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Posh new car seat! (and other things that happened today!)
Little princess seemed unimpressed at first! Me, Elliott and Harper went to our local MASSIVE Mothercare to shop for car seats today, opportune timing considering it's belt-up Britain week and they have a sale on, and I do so love a bargain. I was not expec...

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Feeling crafty!
Over the weekend I've been busy painting and making, some for customers, some for Harper... 4 for Harper. I've been hand painting baby clothes for a little while now and people seem to enjoy them so I thought I would share them with you too! I'm going to ge...

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What a long week!
This week really has dragged by, it feels like each day was actually 48 hours each - which makes a change, usually there aren't enough hours in the day! Harper had her injections on Thursday so we've been kind of taking it easy since, though, thus far she's...

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Review: Wyatt's Little Cavern striped scented candle
Firstly, I'll start by saying that this review is not sponsored in any way. No money or goods have been exchanged for this review, it's simply my own opinion of a beautiful handmade product I bought from a lovely page on Facebook! My candle from Wyatt's Lit...

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13 weeks today!
It's been 13 weeks since Harper was born, and god GOD has it gone quickly. It feels like I only had her yesterday... Well, time-wise at least - I don't still feel like I've been hit by a bus (thank heavens for small mercies). It's amazing how much she's cha...
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