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Kelvin Batista
If you can believe it and conceive it you can achieve it
If you can believe it and conceive it you can achieve it

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Ruby's Luck
After a couple of months of driving the Miata has been a perfect reliable car but that's not my main concern. What i am most worried about is other drivers and mainly my safety in the matter of a month i have too many close in-counters with other drivers ei...

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Eva's Farewell & Ruby's Welcome
Well the long Journey with my beloved 1990 240sx has finally come to an end this summer, with overwhelming tuition bills due and fall semester quickly approaching i a had a very tough choice to make i was not able to sell it for what i wanted but in the mis...

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High Hopes
Well its been some dreadful times with the new Subaru in my life Natasha is her name. I've tried to save her multiple times after 6 turbos 2 transmissions and one engine I finally decided it is not worth my time nor money. the turbo gave out mid June and af...

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Photo Taken @ Eastern Millwork Parking Lot It never feels like i'm driving low But this really proves otherwise. I couldn't help it, stop and take a pic of this I've been tempted to do this all week and finally did.  Still feel like i could lower it at leas...

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240sx went MIA and came back to life ... The Recap...

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With a little work..
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Work has been done with
+Ibad Khokhar +Devin Basanoo and myself put in work. Devin and Ibad worked on the floor pans and i worked on removing the heater channels
Lmk what you guys think
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12,000 miles, 24 days, no gas. A Model S road trip to all corners of the US. 
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