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Elisa Andreis
Luxury Sedona Real Estate in all price points
Luxury Sedona Real Estate in all price points

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New condo for sale in Sedona, single level, move-in ready, 2 Bed/2Bath

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great new testimonial from a happy client on Zillow

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"Storm's a Coming"
A summer monsoon was sweeping in from the west near sunset as I was setting up for this shot of iconic Cathedral Rock near Sedona. I was able to get a series of 5 frame HDRs before the rain washed over me.  It was a sodden, messy walk back to the car, but I was grinning the whole way!
If you would like some tips on how to photograph Cathedral Rock, I've written a full article that will tell you the things I wish I had known before my first trip there.  Feel free to check it out:  <a href="
Enjoy your day!

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"Schnebly Hill Overlook"

A spectacular view of Sedona, Arizona, from Schnebly Hill Road. During the winter this road is often closed due to snow. At other times, a high clearance vehicle is recommended but not required.


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