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Connecting Customers and Automotive Repair Shops from Coast to Coast
Connecting Customers and Automotive Repair Shops from Coast to Coast


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Check out our blog on the latest news for the automotive repair industry. #autorepair   #websites  

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Google My Business Is Incredibly Important for Auto Repair Shops

A strong Google My Business profile will help your website rise in the search rankings. It will also help you pop up in the map area when potential customers search for auto repair in your area... #autorepair #google #marketing #seo

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Auto Repair Shop Resource Center

We have some exciting news to share with you. We have officially launched a Resource Center that is designed specifically to help auto repair shop owners succeed!

In our Resource Center you'll find great content that will help you grow your shop, attract qualified technicians and more.

Access it now: #autorepair #automotive #marketing #business #tips #advice

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Five Traits All of Your Auto Repair Shop Employees Should Have

Every #autorepair shop is seeking outstanding employees, especially technicians, but this job market makes it nearly impossible to hire perfect candidates. However, there are things you should never compromise on when hiring. #automotive #websites

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Five Ways to Attract New Drivers To Your Auto Repair Shop

New drivers tend to be young, meaning that they can provide a trusted auto repair shop with decades of business. How can your auto repair shop attract them to visit and win them as a customer for life? View the infographic below to learn how! #autorepair #automotive #marketing #business #websites

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Pricing, Ethics and the Reputation of Your Auto Repair Business

"One of the things we teach in our sales courses is that there are a number of reasons a customer will ask you for a discount. They may very well be in a cash crunch, and as we all know, many cultures believe that you’re foolish if you don’t haggle over the price. But there’s yet another reason why people will ask you for a discount, and ironically it’s the one most shop owners, and service advisors, completely overlook..." #autorepair #management #business #automotive

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Three Things That Make Auto Repair Customers Angry

It takes plenty of money to earn a new customer, but unfortunately the work doesn’t stop there. It takes a lot of effort and goodwill to turn them into a loyal customer. Even then, it only takes a couple of bad mistakes to lose them. What customer service mistakes are most likely to turn off customers from your shop?

Here are three things that can really do some damage to your client base, and three questions that will help you determine how well you’re treating your customers. How does your shop measure up? #autorepair #automotive #repairshop #customerservice

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[Infographic] The Value of Keeping Your Old Domain

If your domain is owned by your previous website provider, it can take a few phone calls and may require paying a fee to release it. Here’s why it’s worth the effort to do just that... #website #autorepair #domains #url #marketing #online

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How Much Does Online Advertising Cost for Auto Repair Shops?

"Purchasing AdWords definitely gets you to the top of Google, but how much does it cost? According to Wordstream, auto repair advertising costs an average of $1.43 per click. A little over 2% of these clicks turn into shop visits – meaning the cost is $63 for each customer you gain through online advertising! Unless you’re replacing engines or transmissions for all of these customers, $63 is a lot of money to pay for a single customer..." #autorepair #automotive #marketing #websites #repairshop

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Auto Repair Shop Leadership: The Importance of Mentoring Top Talent

"With so many things competing for your attention, why should you focus on dedicating time each week to mentoring your shop talent? After all, that time could be used to bring in revenue – to help finish a backlog of cars, dedicate some time to customer contact and marketing activities, or search for new technicians to fill the jobs lying empty in so many repair shops. The answer is..." #autorepair #automotive #hiring #technicians
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