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Well it looks like my notifications all strangely got wiped out and I can't seem to access them all by looking at my previous notifications either. If anyone has circled me and I didn't circle you back, there's a possibility I didn't receive the notification. I'm making this one post public so you can see it and anyone can let me know if you want me to circle you back. 99.9% of the time I post nothing else publicly anymore.
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That happens to us sometimes
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Ah ha! My good friend the Google search engine led me to a place on the Microsoft website where you can download Windows 10 and upgrade for yourself if you don't want to wait your turn in line for your reserved copy, or even if you didn't reserve it too. JUST REMEMBER: ALWAYS BACKUP ALL YOUR PERSONAL FILES BEFORE ANY UPGRADE NO MATTER HOW SAFE THEY SAY IT MIGHT BE! That applies to ANY method you use to upgrade, whether it be this way OR just using your reserved downloaded copy. You just NEVER can tell what will happen in a major system change of any kind.
Before you begin. Make sure you have: An internet connection (internet service provider fees may apply). Sufficient data storage available on a computer, USB or external drive for the download. A blank USB or DVD (and DVD burner) with at least 4 GB of space if you want to create media.
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Lonn G
I also went with that link a few days ago but it let me upgrade from 7 pro to a clean install to 10 pro without any hitches.  Unfortunantly I messed up and had to have files from my win7 system that were wiped so I wound up having to restore from a backup image I made before I started the upgrade.  I'll do the upgrade again next week after I install a new graphics card on my system.  since I'm doing a clean install I'd rather have the new equipment in place first.

After reading the security sites about 10's constant phoning home I'll be testing it for a while before I make it my main OS but I did indeed like it's feel for the short time I tried it out.
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Slowly rolling out starting today! Coming out in phases so they can handle it. (Obviously they can't upload to the entire world of downloaders all at once.) Whenever yours does arrive, it promises to be the best ever.
When we first unveiled Windows 10 in September, we outlined our plans for a new era of Windows. We wanted to create a Windows that empowered people and organizations to do great things. Our vision was one platform, one store, and one experience that extends across the broadest range of devices ...
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+Wade Wade Defender is windows own sorft of AVS.
Avast, norton etc gives a problem during the upgrade.
Me myself i don't use norton, but others do and reported also problems.
Even with a up2date AVS.
A fresh install solved all my problems :) and i like the new win10.
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Well I guess Facebook is changing their policies again and soon NO external apps or software will be able to connect to your profile to update your status or see any of your information. Well that site sucks anyway and now it just has another way to suck coming soon. #facebook
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Well, when I can I'm going to pay my bill for my current internet service from Exede and return to DSL from Frontier, my local phone company. I still have to call them and see what I owe them from the last time I had them too and also pay them off, but now even as a DSL company, they now have advanced and have about the same speeds available as Exede. So close that you might as well call it the same. Exede has up to 12 mbps and Frontier has up to 24 mbps. The major differences are EVERYTHING including price and data limitations which are the MOST IMPORTANT two differences of all for me. Double the speed is also great too.

Exede's satellite internet has a maximum 25 GB plan for around $127.00/month and Frontier's DSL has a NO maximum data plan for about $50.00.month.

It seems to be a "no-brainer" on deciding which one to choose for me. #exede   #frontiercommunications   #isp
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Just saw this on TV a few minutes ago and just had to Google it. Sure enough, here it is.
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Well, going to roll Windows 10 back to 8.1 on my brand new laptop. 10 is way to flaky and 8.1 was great on it. Love the features including Cortana on 10, but 10 has too many driver issues for some people and perhaps that's what's up with mine. One example is flaky video playback from websites even if the video is already fully loaded, no matter what browser is used. Another problem as I mentioned above is speed. Windows greatly improved their speed with the creation of Windows 8 and 8.1, but it seems that they went backwards with their speed with Windows 10. I only need Windows for a couple or so programs that I like anyway, but I do have to have the speed first and foremost. For everything else, I'll use my Linux Mint machine for the real and reliable speed. #windows   #windows8   #windows10   #linux   #linuxmint
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Looks like my button for automatic rollback is no longer available since it has been over a month, but I'll just use a disk because of that, and a new fresh install is better than one that has been messed with anyway by upgrades and downgrades.
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I always used to say that I'd buy a Smart car as soon as they put a regular manual transmission in it instead the original auto-stick it had and now that Mercedes has taken it over, they did just that. HOWEVER, even with a normal sane person's manual transmission and a fancy cool new sound system, I will have to retract that statement because of how UGLY they made the exterior look. It used to look like a nice beautiful futuristic car, but Mercedes changed the front end and made it look ugly as hell. The rear exterior is also not quite as good looking as it was either. The rear isn't as bad of a change as the front though. The front end's big-ass grill looks like it belongs on a mudding truck, not on a car. #smartcar   #fortwo
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u r right,but cheep consumption r people asked 4
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Just downloaded the desktop downloader for Thislife by +Shutterfly today. Their site says you can load UNLIMITED photos all at their ORIGINAL resolution. You only have to upgrade to a paid account if you want to upload videos. If you do, each video is limited to 2GB each file. Many of mine are well over that, but I only have the free account. This photo is a screenshot of my picture folder properties. It's the only folder I'm uploading. So, let's put this baby to the test and see what it can do. Google Drive and OneDrive uploaders just crash with this many files. Time to see if Thislife is any better.
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Well, check out the video here anyway.
Miley Cyrus Actually Wrote a Beautiful Song About Her Dead Blowfish, Pablow, and the Lyrics Are Insane
No, you didn't just take LSD and are now hallucinating. This is actually a video of Miley Cyrus s...
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So now with the legalization of pot in California and Washington state, not only do they have their normal problems of drivers getting busted for DUI's for driving under the influence of alcohol, but now they have VERY, VERY big problems from people getting DUI's for driving under the influence of pot.

So in other words, not only did they make it legal for people to kill themselves by putting YET ANOTHER poison into their bodies, but they now have just created YET ANOTHER way to cause people to kill others too.

That's not even mentioning how the secondhand smoke can also contaminate the body of another person nearby just like cigarette smoke does, no matter if you're driving a vehicle or not.
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