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Summer To Do List
I have a feeling that this spring is going to be as short as this winter was long. Just yesterday, Boston hit 80 degrees and this sun finally seems to be shining all day, every day. It's still the beginning of May, but if this weather is indicative of anyth...

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Recommended Read: Peyton Place
When I used to intern at a small publishing company, if there weren't many tasks for me to do that day, I'd occasionally scour Amazon and read the first few pages of books that looked interesting—professional, I know. But I found a lot of great books that w...

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Hello Again
To say I've taken a slight hiatus from blog writing is an understatement. And I've really missed blogging! I'm not sure why I struggled so much the past few months to carve out some blog time, but this semester was a lot busier and required a lot more work ...

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Scenes From a Snow Day
Like I mentioned yesterday, I love snow and I think that the best walks occur when you hear snow crunching under your boots while a soft breeze swirls tiny flakes around your legs. Bundled up in a long puffy jacket, a knit headband and scarf, and fuzzy glov...

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Snow Day
When I checked the forecast on Sunday, I was pretty certain that today would turn in to a snow day. The city has been preparing for it and yesterday I got the email from school canceling my classes for today and AJ took today off at work (he'll work Saturda...

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What I've Been Reading
It's been a while since I've written a new post. January ended up being a bit busier than I expected, although the last week was a bit slower and more relaxed. When AJ and I got back to Boston, after spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Connecticut, ...

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A Very Cabrera Christmas
Even though our short trip home felt very short, we had a wonderfully fun time with our families and celebrated Christmas to its fullest! Christmas Eve morning and afternoon was spent eating fish and lots of fish at my mom's house and enjoying the company o...

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Celebrating Christmas
Since we started dating, AJ and I have been pretty good about splitting the holidays between our families as best we can but this year, since we'll only be home for two days, we're doing everything we can to maximize our time with both families! What makes ...

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Christmas Literary Links
Spotted this at Brattle Book Shop today while strolling. Probably one of the greatest Christmas trees in Boston.  I have two links (both from The New Yorker) for today as we're closing in on Christmas! I can't wait to be back in Connecticut, celebrating wit...

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Close to Christmas
My recent blog-silence is due to a few different factors. The semester just wrapped up so I was busy working on my final projects and grading final exams for the class I assisted. Christmas shopping. Spending two days straight baking for a Christmas party (...
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