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Solstice Shtuffs
  So today bein Solstice an stuffs, mom did
that thing where she lighted a buncha candles and picked me up and danced
around, singin "It Solstice. La la la la la! Solstice! Winter is coming on
Solistice, la la la..." LIke that. It was exactly as annoyin as ...

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This a Lettr in a Tin Can to Granpa
to my readrz, speshially Grandpa. Last
week started out great wift Mom celerbratytin havin dopted me eithg (8) years
ago from Angell Memorial Hopsital. Eevn wift "Freeda" whu is livin
wift us now bein all nosy an not lettin ME be nosy in return, stuff...

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Hospsitalitee an Zippeez in the Walls
we gots this lil kittee livin wift us an she is a pain in my floofy neck.
Sometime she come out an look around the partmint, eevn in the baftroom an MAI
room!!! Huh. So I has to keep a caerful watch out. This mornin I did a
unplanned divebombin of her ro...

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Todae is Marerthon Day in Boston!!!
Sez: So
todae is Patriots Daye and the dae we celerbrate the Marerthon in Boston!! Woo
woo!! Mom sez that it look like 30,000 people is gonna run past our house, an
she also suspect taht about 10,000 drunk colledge stoodints is gonna walk

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The Writr Problem of Butt to Chair
Sez: So
I ben tryin to writ mor, an I has two problems with this. First is that is
SPRING!!!! So I has to run across the partmint VERYFAST!!! And then turn aroun
and run VERYFAST!!! in the opperzit direkshun!!! This can take alot of time. The othr p...

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That Annoyin Tutch Typin Thing
Sez: So
I hav been tryin verree hard to writ my blog lik Mom does, altho she has a
grate advantidg over me on account of her Posable Thums. I has a veree hard tim
typin, whereas she just tippity-taps away lik it is easy or somethin. I has LOTSA stuf...

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LEAP! Day!
Sez: So
aftr mai short foray into fikshun over the summer, I has deciderayted to
consintrayt on my strengfts: joornulizm, tellin it lik it akshully is. I was
goin to do this yestrdae, but I spent so much time LEAPING!!! everwher that I
not had time ...

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Mai Writer Blok Has Winned
-->     Musashi
Sez: So,
I has finally given up on my pirate storee, cuz not onlee has I not gots a
middul, I not even gots a ending, which mai mom ALWAYS has when she givs up on
her novels. I has EMBRACED my writer blok in a Tru Feline Way (TFW), which is

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