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St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church
St. Elizabeths Episcopal Church Sudbury Massachusetts
St. Elizabeths Episcopal Church Sudbury Massachusetts


St. Elizabeths's Phone System Upgrade Notice: 

The St. Elizabeth's phone system and phone provider will be upgraded on Tuesday July 22nd and Wednesday July 23rd.
Incoming phone service to the office will be limited during the migration.

If you call the office on Tuesday or Wednesday and are not able to reach us, we have set up a temporary phone number, (978) 451-6000, for time sensitive messages on Tuesday and Wednesday. You will have the option to transfer to Barbara, Peg or leave a message.
We expect phone service on the to be fully restored on Wednesday evening.

St. Elizabeth's email and web site,, are not affected by this upgrade and will remain up and running.

Updates on the status of the telephone system upgrade will be posted on

Thank you for your patience during this upgrade
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St. Elizabeth's Chapel 100 Year Anniversary Open House
May 18 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm

The year 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of St. Elizabeth's church, and the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the historic chapel. We will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Saint Elizabeth's Chapel on Sunday, May 18 between 1pm and 3pm with an open house for anyone in the community interested in learning about this historic landmark.

The open house begins in the church parish hall with a short film on the history of the chapel, a timeline of photographic sketches, and artifacts on display. Guided walking tours are available from the church to the chapel where visitors will be able to see and learn about the construction of the fieldstone chapel a hundred years ago and the origins of the stained glass, ironwork and artifacts in the chapel. Violin and vocals will brighten the day as the tour guides explain the history of the chapel. View pictures and read more about the history of the Chapel at

The stone chapel of Saint Elizabeth's was designed and built during the first World War by Ralph Adams Cram, world famous architect of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and of many other great churches. It was built in Sudbury as a place of worship for his family and neighbors. Mr. Cram lived in Whitehall, the home directly to the West of the chapel, today under private ownership. The Crams gifted the chapel to the Society of Saint John the Evangelist, who in turn gave the chapel and land to Saint Elizabeth's Church.

Parking is available at the church for the open house, which begins in the church parish hall and ends at the chapel. A path walkway joins the church and chapel.

Sunday Holy Eucharist services at St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church are offered at 8 am in the chapel and 10 am in the church. Church school for children and youth begins at 9:45am. Child care is available during the 10 am service. Light refreshments are served after the 10am service. St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church welcomes and honors everyone. We are located at One Morse Road in Sudbury. Please contact the church office at 978-443-6035 for further information, or visit our web site at 
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