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How Many Women Are in Political Theory? And Where Are They?
During the past week, I looked at the number of male and
female political theorists in the top 60 liberal arts colleges and top 60 universities
according to U.S. News and World Report (I took my information solely from
departmental websites).  I don’t

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Gender Balance and the Association for Political Theory (Submitted by Lisa Ellis, Andrew Murphy, and Melissa Schwartzberg)
The Association for Political Theory has, since its
inception, focused on the aim of improving the representation of women both at
the conference and in leadership positions. A woman and a man have always
jointly held the positions both of co-president (pre...

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Book Reviews in Political Theory from 1980-April 2014: A Breakdown by Gender
In our ongoing effort to get numbers on the proportion of
books reviewed by men and women in political theory, we surveyed the books
reviewed in Political Theory from
1980-April 2014 (not including “Critical Exchanges” or “Symposiums”).  In contrast to the ...

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On Anonymity
This blog is authored
anonymously. Why? Given the status/position of some participants, we have
opted to keep the blog anonymous, at least for now. While we hope that raising
the issue of gender inequity in the field of Political Theory would not affect

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Crowdsourcing: Data on Women Seeking/Receiving PhDs in Political Theory
We are trying to fill in the picture concerning gender imbalance (bias?) in the subfield of Political Theory by gathering data on the percentage of PhD students and PhD recipients who are women. (We will also investigate the status of women as professors of...

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Gender & the Political Theory Job Market
Let's share information about the recent/current job market in political theory. Our contributions here are necessarily anecdotal, but we hope to develop them further. Job searches in 2013-2014: UCLA - 5 of 6 job candidates invited to campus were male; job ...
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