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If you think Doctor Who is a reality show this post is for you
Don't be appalled Brits, but when I mentioned Doctor Who to a group of my friends some of them asked me if it was a reality show. I couldn't think at that moment exactly how to explain Doctor Who and all the many reasons I love the show. Then today I saw this meme, and thought it was a perfect summary of exactly what Doctor Who is about for anyone who is not familiar with the show.

To sum it up it is about a Time Lord, travelling through time and space in a space ship called the TARDIS that is larger on the inside than the outside. He usually has a trusty female side kick. It is a little bit like Scooby Do for "grown ups" but instead of discovering the aliens are human, the humans usually turn out to be aliens.

If you haven't watched any Doctor Who, you should at least watch the one episode about the Weeping Angels, because it is a brilliant story and captures a lot of things the fans of Doctor Who love about the show.

Oh, yes and for the ladies I should mention David Tennant, the 10th Doctor Who is my favorite. He is pretty much my dream guy besides +Dan Sommerfield , of course . I don't think I would ever cheat on my husband but man if that Time Lord showed up on my doorstep I would absolutely take a ride in his Tardis.

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