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I've just done a faction change. Is there any way to reconcile that with Agent stats besides resetting, wiping out all data?

Well, fellow frogs, it's been fun, but I'm switching to blue 👽

There are many reasons behind the switch, but let's just say that I haven't been really been able to enjoy playing the game for a while, and it makes sense to be on the same team as the person I spend the most time with.

I hear we're getting an anomaly next month though, so I'll see you out in the field! Not that I expect the res to actually win, given recent trends 😉. Even though I'll be playing as a smurf, I'll always be a little green around the edges.

I've left all other enlightened g+ communities, and my slack account has been deactivated for a while. I'll leave coen g+ after a couple more days, as well.

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+Katy Osterwald and I have created a new mission banner in Lakewood!  Take a tour of some parts of the city with 24 new missions.  The missions are all sequential, hack only, no passcodes.  Find the start portal in Belmar Park at Wadsworth and Ohio, and check out a map of all the mission start portals here:

The mission set is mostly driving, with missions 1 though 4 and mission 7 requiring walking.  The two walking sections are all quick jaunts out of the car in portal dense areas, with fun scenery.

Otherwise, we have tried to arrange things sensibly, with the breaks between missions occurring in places where it is easy to stop.  With that said, it will be beneficial to check the mission map for each driving mission, as there are a few places it's possible to miss a turn.

If there are any issues with navigation, or anything we set up stupidly, let me know and I'll see if I can correct it!

Stats:  196 portals, average about 8 portals per mission.  Max of 14 portals in one mission (but it's a quick driving loop.)  Picture by myself and Katy, taken from the Union/Simms bridge over 6th avenue, looking toward the light rail bridge downtown
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Added photos to #IngressFS: Golden, CO.

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I'm getting this Error 500 when trying to change a mission image on a draft.  Anything to do besides wait and try again later?

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tl;dr stats:
MU thrown: 348,396
MU standing at checkpoint: very little :(
@galitaia earned: Gold Illuminator
@chippy42 earned: Gold Illuminator
@kowhai earned: Gold Illuminator and level 12
@bger earned: warm fuzzies and field planning experience
@norym earned: pizza and beer at a later date

Last Monday, I put together a fielding plan to use some keys I've been hoarding.  The basic idea was:  link Southwest Plaza Mall fountain portal to one near 6th and union (13km baseline).  Then layer fields off that with as many portals as would line up in Morrison.  I liked the idea of using the mall portal for an anchor, because it's basically inaccessible overnight.

Then I sat on the plan for a few days, collected keys, and watched intel.  This morning, thanks to some unintentional clearing by +Eric Buckland (0Eric0), the number of required adas dropped from upwards of 13 down to 6.  Time to collect a team and aim for the 11pm checkpoint

@kowhai( +Robin Van Atta) and @galitaia would throw the majority of the fields out of Morrison, with @chippy42 and myself clearing blockers.  I had been planning to run intel myself, but then we needed another blocker clearer, so recruited @norym( +Ashley M. Kirchner) last minute to be our eyes in the sky.

Since it was pretty snowy and miserable, we had the portals pretty much to ourselves.  Blocker clearing went smoothly.  we arranged for the first two legs to be up before chippy42 threw the baseline, so he got the first layer - just shy of 30k MU aroun 10:30pm.

And then the troubles began.  Links started going up, more and more layers, but then we hear "hold on guys, we're talking to a cop" from galitaia.  Apparently they'd parked on a street that was closed down due to a concert at Red Rocks, but apparently the cop was friendly and let them go on their way after a couple minutes.

I arrived in Morrison myself, since there wasn't much for me to do at an inaccessible anchor, I was going to help the throwers navigate to the correct portals.  But as we went to complete the next layer: "I don't have the link available..."

At 10:50pm, res agents @SuzannahV and @Rammin01 ADA'd our northern anchor, and added the last reso needed to make it 8.  chippy42 had already left, since I'd assumed that nobody would be out in this weather.  Bummer.

So we missed checkpoint, except for some sliver fields on the south side.  But chippy42 turned around, did battle with a semi trying to run him off the highway, and returned to the anchor.  I actually rerouted him slightly, because rather than kill a now level 8 blue portal with axas, I had a few keys to the portal next door, and the lanes should be very similar.  So we kept throwing, because badges!  Chippy got the field for the baseline again, and kowhai got one more layer in Morrison.

Out of keys, we went to meet up with chippy near the north anchor.  He and galitaia went back to it again, and using her keys got a couple more layers out of it.  It only lived about 20 minutes longer, but the MU was captured and badges were earned!
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O hai googles plus!  You sure have changed.  You know how you change the width of the top bar depending on if I'm scrolling up or down?  Yeah, that's annoying, stop it.  And how about the way I have to bounce my eyes back and forth while scrolling down the feed and carefully compare where posts are aligned to tell what order they happened in?  Yeah, also annoying.

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As a runner, this is pretty hilarious
The Rock n Roll Marathon in Phoenix goes right by my house, so I decided to head out with some funny signs to amuse / harass the runners.

The most popular by far was the checklist. Got lots of laughs and high-fives over that one, including a few "best sign yet!" Two people even stopped running to take a picture!

The bikini was the next most popular, I think because it was so unexpected. Lots of double-takes on that one.

I ended up not using the other two much. I know some runners like snarky signs but we were with a big crowd at the 13 mile mark so I toned those down a bit.

Didn't realize just how much runners appreciate the signs along the way. Had well over a hundred people thank me for the laugh. Definitely doing it again next year. #RnRAZ
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Help some lost pictures find their way back to the owner!
Have you lost your precious memories?

I need lots of help please.  While walking in the Arches National Park in Utah on 31st December 2012, I picked up a SD card thinking it fell out of my camera. I have discovered that it is not mine at all and would like to get it back to its owner who seems to be an international traveller as was I. 

The 8GB SD card is completely full and it seems to be more than holiday pics although I have not looked closely except at these two photos that I have chosen to put up and have blurred the face of the woman appearing in both images to protect her privacy - she and her travelling companions will know who they are.

From what I can gather - the tourist visited Las Vegas around the 23rd December travelling via Wirepass Trailhead on the 29th December to reach Arches National Park where they visited on both 30th December and 31st December 2012. I found the SD card on the ground near the carpark of the Windows walking track. 

I am now back in Australia where I would like to get my search started. Please help me to spread the word across the world. I am very happy to send this to the rightful owner.
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The more you know... chimes
#BAFact: Light from the edge of the Sun’s face takes over 2 seconds longer to reach us than from the middle.

Our Sun is big. Very, very big. How big? Think of it this way:

We see the Sun as a disk in the sky. Of course, it's actually a sphere, and we see the hemisphere facing us. That means the center of the Sun's face is closer to us than the edge, because it sticks out toward us. The difference in distance from the Earth to the center of the Sun's face, versus the distance from the Earth to the edge, is pretty much equal to  the radius of the Sun: about 700,000 kilometers (430,000 miles).

A beam of light, the fastest thing in the Universe, moves at 300,000 kilometers per second. That means that light from the edge of the Sun takes a little over two seconds longer to reach us than light emitted from the center of the Sun's face!

In other words, when you look at the face of the Sun (and don't do so without adequate protection) you're not seeing all of it at the same time.  _You're seeing the edge of it two seconds in the past compared to the middle_. 

That's how huge the Sun is.
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