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I Miss You
During this time of the month, where i can say peak month for us accountants, a few days before beginning of the month it would be hellish. All those stressful workload, sleepless night, high volume of inquiries etc. But it is this time of the month that i ...

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It's Ok
All i ever wanted was to be someone's "just right" and their "one and only" But . .  When that 'someone' appear and love me for the way i am without me doing anything. Love me before i even start to develop my feelings for him. Saw his future with me, met m...

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You Were Unexpected Surprise
When you let go of the past, something better will appear in your life. The best thing in life happen unexpectedly. The best stories begin with "and, all of a sudden..." The best adventures were never planned as they turned out to be. Free yourself from exp...

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Its a New Chapter
The hard part of life is moving on. But it is not an impossible thing to do. A person can 'like' 'love' another person, if they open their heart. Give the other person a chance to your heart. Its the only way a broken heart to heal. From my previous post, y...

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Permata Yang Hilang 3
After several months, we are like besties. He is someone i can lame text, and get a lame reply too. The Agreement. We can be lovers, we can be friend, we can be bestfriend. We can be everything we want to be. But one thing. Come clean. If he found the one, ...

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Permata Yang Hilang 2
What keep me attracted to you? This: Everytime i saw the smile and the gesture, it melts me. But you will never know this was my favorite. Hadirnya dirimu membawa seribu makna. He was there, when i was sad. He was there, when i am happy. He was there, when ...

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Permata Yang Hilang
So this is a dedication post for a person who meant the world for me (i realize he meant everything to me after i lost him).  Lets talk about how we met :) Tinder! We got matched on the 10th of March 2017. I remember it clearly it was Friday, and it was rai...

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Pandora : 92.5% Silver Luxury Jewelry
Have you heard about this bracelet? Pandora, yup its a silver 92.5 and its a viral. it comes out after the brand Thomas Sabo and Tiffany and co. If you are a fan of silver you will definitely know Pandora. How to own a Pandora? You can always buy at their b...

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Wreck This Journal : Everywhere
So recently i’ve been eyeing myself for something creative to do and been itching to do something to keep myself busy throughout the day. Then one day when browsing in Borders (one of a bookstore in Malaysia) as usual i went to notebook parts and as usual g...

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It has been since forever i left my blog a virgin, untouched. i recall all my posts that i wrote since 2011, it was irrelevant and immature writing, so off to the dustbin to go! since it’s 2015 a lot has been going on and i can’t barely believe that i am 22...
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