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Gabriel John Canada Smith
Android lovin', PC gaming IT professional with a passion for technology.
Android lovin', PC gaming IT professional with a passion for technology.


Power is out. Might be a few days.
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Bu duh dunh dunh dunh.  Another car bites the dust. Engine blown. Thanks to the dipstick lying to me, saying i was full when i really had less than a quart of oil.
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"I can't agree with you anymore. Like you said, teachers who do (blank) are the worst."

Alright. Seriously. Look at what you wrote. READ IT. If you're to darn stupid to realize that it's a contradiction, then you don't deserve to be at a college, community or otherwise.

BTW, The capitalization and punctuation are added, and the latter sentence is the abbreviated version of the post. However, they core of it is the same.

What happened? Why are all my classmates this semester retarded? Last semester, I had one poster child... I almost want him back. He seems smart by comparison.
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I has been almost 4 hours. I wrote that just before I shut down. I couldn't boot back into windows. I didn't have an install disk, which it turns out wouldn't have fixed anything. What I did have was a live boot disk of a recovery linux that wouldn't fix problems, the hard drive from before I changed this laptop into a 1TB beast.

After a few hours of file transfers, I'm finally in windows. But it is a shell. It is little more than the frame of a default install. Maybe that will fix now that I've reassigned my drive letters, and the symlink to my secure user fold is restored. A reboot will tell. But I'm running the SFC now. We'll see.

Throw it at me. Give it your best shot. I'll rise victorious. This isn't my first fight with windows, and it won't be my last.
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Guess what?!? Microsoft's own disk cleanup utility deleted core files from C:/Windows/System32

And guess who's going to help me? Not microsoft, because my 90 day support has run out.

So, I need to reinstall- Oh wait, you have the disk as a .iso? Oh, yeah, well, we installer is broken, as is the command prompt, and EVERYTHING you need to make it work.

Microsoft, I applaud you. Your absolute failure to get your crap to work with itself is amazing. Your corporate greed knows no boundaries. I stay on windows for one reason: I'm lazy. Could I find a way to get everything to run on linux? Sure. But that takes time, learning things that I don't have time for, tweaking, searching for drivers that may not even exist, discovering a distro.

All I want is a computer that works. Thank you for screwing me out of that.
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So, the GF went to the doctor. I got left home with the E4GT-BST that refuses to charge. I have now pried it open, and am poking it's inners with a stick. I love pulling apart phones that don't matter much any more. XD
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Oh human race... I hate you with a passion. Seriously, this is a freaking college. "What time is work do by?" is not a proper question. Also, my name is LITERALLY RIGHT ABOVE WHERE YOU ARE WRITING! HOW CAN YOU STILL SPELL IT WRONG?!? Not even mentioning the fact that I specifically asked IN THE POST YOU'RE REPLYING TO to be acknowledged by another, much simpler and easier to spell name.

This is why I drink caffeine. And eventually, alcohol. To cope.
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Well, I'm gonna share my 2014 Resolutions here. They are:
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So, working on one of my gifts.

I got permission to repaint my room. Trying to decide on a theme and colors. My best tool? Doom Builder, using GIMP to match potential colors. Make a rough draft of the room, and go for it. XD
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