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Many of you are reporting that Word & Excel Starter are now corrupted and failing to launch after that last batch of updates from Microsoft recently. Let me know if this has happened to you and I will fix!

I have a client that could use a Quickbooks expert to help recover from a semi-disaster. Please contact me if that's you or anyone you know!

Can't log in? Always check that your CAPS LOCK isn't on, which will mess up any password attempts.

You can cut down on your cell phone's data charges by using your router's wifi signal when you're at home (recommended!).

You don't need to pay extra for ID-theft protection for your credit card. If your card is stolen, federal law limits your liability to $50. And if your card number is stolen (not the card itself), you're not liable for anything. #identifytheft

To conserve battery on your smartphone, don't bury it in a desk, & turn off Bluetooth! You can also save some by reducing screen brightness.

Laptop or tablet? Here's a good way to tell what you need: tablets are especially good for consuming media. Computers and laptops are good for creating it.

Did you know? #Smartphones need a fresh (re)start. They're actually full-fledged computers and need to be restarted every few days to purge memory reserved by programs no longer running and fix glitches that can hinder performance.

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This is another fine example of scareware. If you see this and can't get out of it, you can always hot Ctrl+ Alt+Del on your keyboard and hard exit your browser with an "end task"

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This is why I recommend #Avast instead of Microsoft's built-in "antivirus" program. It isn't very good.
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