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Karen Martin Audio Hypnosis is dedicated to providing top quality Audio Hypnosis Downloads for a wide range of subjects for personal use ..
Karen Martin Audio Hypnosis is dedicated to providing top quality Audio Hypnosis Downloads for a wide range of subjects for personal use ..
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Being popular and successful has become one of the ‘requirements’ of modern living – whether it comes from having a rising career, being a top sport star, having thousands of ‘friends’ on social media or being financially top of the pile.

Not being there can dent one’s self confidence while being at the top can also set you up for a fall and hit one’s self esteem – as has happened to England cricketers Ian Bell and Jos Buttler, rugby players like Sam Burgess and even football teams like Chelsea.

On a more ‘normal’ level, teenage self confidence, for example, can be damaged by social media where negative comments can have far-reaching impact.

This was the case with teenage Australian Instagram ‘star’ Essena O’Neill, ( pictured ) who said her celebrity status eventually left her feeling empty and addicted to social media likes.

According to the BBC, she said ‘social media isn’t real, ’adding that it was ‘a system based on social approval, likes, validation in views and success in followers’.

She often posted photographs apparently showing her in perfect shape but later said many were artificial’.

O’Neill and other social media regulars say a drop in their success rate leads to a lowering of their self esteem. The website for Mind – the mental health society – says people’s beliefs about themselves will often be negative if they have low self esteem.

“You will tend to focus on your weaknesses or mistakes that you have made, and may find it hard to recognize the positive parts of your personality. You may also blame yourself for any difficulties or failures that you have.” Mind says.

The downward spiral in a lower self esteem can lead to prescribed medication, psychiatric counseling or drug use, depression, anxiety and can have a marked effect on one’s social attitudes.

But, using Hypnotherapy for self-confidence can help challenge negative thought processes, generate a more positive future, improving self image and increasing determination.

Another plus for hypnotherapy as a treatment is that it has no side effect, like drugs might have. And, by being more confident, a positive feeling arises from an appreciation of one’s own abilities.

In a nutshell, hypnotherapy is the application of hypnotic techniques in such a way as to bring about therapeutic changes. This is achieved by the hypnotherapist helping to activate inner resources to achieve realistic goals.

The Audio Hypnosis Shop contains a number of Hypnosis Sessions designed to help boost self confidence and we have a Virtual Makeover for Women and even a Virtual Makeover for Men to help beat those negative feelings and improve Self-Confidence, so have a look around the shop to find out more ...
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We all know that we do not perform at our best after a bad night’s sleep. We are also well aware that our 24-hour culture is putting more demands on us and affecting how much sleep we get. And now, scientists in Canada have launched what is set to become the world’s largest study of the effects of lack of sleep on the brain.

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Conquer social media addiction with hypnotherapy ...

The recent accidental fatal shooting of a man live on YouTube – in an attempt to draw more followers to their site – has been described by US authorities as a ‘social media stunt gone wrong’ and has highlighted the dangers of social media addiction.

Monalisa Perez, 19, was booked into a Minnesota county jail after shooting at Pedro Ruiz as he held a book to his chest, believing it would stop the bullet, the BBC reported. The couple’s three-year-old child and nearly 30 onlookers watched as she fired the fatal bullet into his chest.
A relative of Ruiz said she had told her they did it because ‘we want more viewers, we want to get famous’.

One of the problems with social media’s rise in popularity is that people think their list of ‘virtual friends’ and the number of ‘hits’ they get for each item they post makes them ‘more famous’ and this need to be famous or popular can become an addiction.

Breaking an unwanted habit or addiction is not easy but clinical hypnotherapy can help people conquer their addictions and has great success in helping people stop smoking, overcome alcohol misuse, drug dependency and other ‘problem behaviours’.

We define a problem behaviour as an unwanted habit or addiction; something you feel you have no control over which affects your life and the lives of those you care about.

Habits such as overeating or smoking are the most common. But there are other behaviours that affect people’s lives, make them unhappy or cause a risk to their health and the health of those around them.

An addiction can feel like it controls your life, but the good news is that we are in control and can change how we react to certain situations and you can protect ourselves in ways that are healthy.

An unwanted habit can also lead to stress and anxiety – another area in which hypnotherapy can help.

The rise in the popularity of social media is staggering. Facebook alone now has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. This changing world has brought new opportunities but also pitfalls. Every week there seems to be a news headline about someone who has got into trouble through social media.
Referring to the tragic YouTube shooting, the Ruiz relative said: “It was just a prank gone wrong” and Ms Perez, who is pregnant, is now facing charges of second degree manslaughter. The single gunshot was fired from about one foot away as neighbours gathered to watch outside their Minnesota home.

If you feel you have a problem behaviour that needs help, want to deal with anxiety issue, get help coping with a social media addiction or any other problem or issue then please get in touch or have a look around my Audio Hypnosis shop for sessions designed to help with similar issues and problems …
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Is workplace stress becoming an epidemic?

Stress at work is spiralling out of control, with many employees in danger of completely burning out, a survey shows while a psychologist has warned that over-stress is ‘a time bomb ticking away in the basement of UK plc’.

The survey, reported the Daily Mail, warns that 25% of those in professions such as teaching, social work and the police are suffering from serious stress. In other occupations up to 15% of staff have problems with those in the private sector suffering from the requirement to deliver higher and higher productivity per person.

In the public sector – particularly in the NHS – staff are being asked to take on more responsibility with fewer resources, the survey leader Professor John McLeod of Abertay University, Dundee, said.

“People who need workplace counselling show signs of psychological distress equivalent to that found in out-patient psychiatric hospitals,” said McLeod, adding that the culture which gives employees and bosses the longest working hours in Europe must change or Britain will
‘break down’.

While he said this was not ‘a minor worry any more but a serious crisis in people’s lives’, Ruth Lea, of the Institute of Directors, disagreed, saying: “’People should really get things in perspective. Most people are comfortable at work and often stress is just part and parcel of a job.

“There may be people who are too stressed but this can be addressed. It is usually a sign of bad management which can be changed.”

McLeod warned that workplace anxiety will not go away unless Britain learns how to offer help to staff. But he said the British ‘stiff upper lip’ attitude often prevents people admitting how awful their workplace is.

Undiagnosed anxiety conditions now cause more absences from work than traditional complaints such as backache, hangovers and stomach trouble.
His report, for the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, claims counselling and other treatment like Hypnotherapy can reduce the incidence of office-related stress by half. Countering stress boosts performance and cuts the number of sick days taken.

We live in a society where great demands and responsibilities are placed on us and stress and anxiety can cause problems not just in a professional environment, but in a personal life to, so have a look around my Audio Hypnosis Online Shop where there are a wide range of Self Hypnosis Sessions suitable for personal use that address some of these issues …
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Beating pain with hypnotherapy ...

Pain is not pleasant and while some pain is unavoidable some experiences are made worse by our imagination – like a visit to the dentist or child birth. But can these painful moments be eliminated, as anaesthetic relieves the pain of an operation?

A prime example of this comes with dentistry treatment being an anxious experience for many but UK scientists have found that putting patients in a virtual reality (VR) environment while being treated can reduce anxiety levels.

Researchers from the University of Plymouth said a visit to the dentist’s chair could be as relaxing as ‘walk on the beach’. The researchers said this ‘bottled nature’ approach could help many people get past their fears, reports the BBC.

“Our idea was that if we bring nature into a stressful situation, such as the one in a dentist’s surgery, then that should have a similar benefit as when people are able to go out into nature,” explained co-author Sabine Pahl from the University of Plymouth. “We know about the benefits of the natural environment in psychological and physiological terms – people can feel relaxed and restore their cognitive resources.

“We also know in dentistry there is a high percentage of people with dentist anxiety and their teeth tend to be in a worse state and they tend to miss appointments because they are worried about going to the dentist; and that, of course, has an effect on their teeth. We are trying to intervene in that dental anxiety process,” she added.

However, not all were helped and those who experienced a more urban VR environment in the study did not receive the same benefits.

Clinical hypnotherapy has been proven on many occasions to help people overcome pain and the anxiety preceding events like a visit to the dentist, or child birth, hypnotherapy is the application of hypnotic techniques in such a way as to bring about therapeutic changes. This is achieved through an external influence – the therapist – that assists in activating the inner resources of the client in order to achieve realistic goals.

When it comes to pain control, hypnotherapy’s worth has been proven in birthing, for example, with hypnosis used as a technique to deal with pain and support birthing labour for many years. It can help overcome fear and anxiety around conception, parenting or birth itself. It can reduce stress and anxiety, boost your confidence and give mothers a feeling of control so the birth experience is the best it can be.

Hypnosis techniques can be taught to you to help you manage chronic pain as well as pain post-surgery. It has also been shown to reduce the post-operative recovery time on some surgical procedures. Research shows that hypnotherapy works well in particular with children who are undergoing chemotherapy. By using certain visualizations and stories children can be helped to manage their treatment in a gentle, empowering way.

Hypnotherapy is often highly effective in dealing with pain management. In fact, people often undergo surgery and dental work using hypnosis as an anesthetic, if you’d like to know more, then get in touch with me for further information, or have a look around my Audio Hypnosis website for suitable Self-Hypnosis sessions in a wide range of subjects suitable for personal use ….
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“I’m Karen Martin and over the many years of running my own Hypnotherapy practice, I’ve been privileged to use Hypnosis to help thousands of people improve their quality of life, wellbeing and deal with very personal problems and now with my Audio Hypnosis download site I hope to be able to reach and help many more.”
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Karen Martin Audio Hypnosis ....

“I’m Karen Martin and over the many years of running my own Hypnotherapy practice, I’ve been privileged to use Hypnosis to help thousands of people improve their quality of life, wellbeing and deal with very personal problems and now with my Audio Hypnosis download site I hope to be able to reach and help many more.”

Because of my innate curiosity and fascination for learning about human nature, it led me into a successful career in journalism and whilst working within the newspaper industry I had the opportunity to see first hand the frailties of life that affect the vulnerable and learnt how we all deal with our own deeply personal issues, sometimes on a daily basis and always felt I was destined for something more suitable as a career that allowed me to help people.

I was eventually lured into the Corporate World and working in the hectic world of business was something I enjoyed immensely, however the turning point came when sick of being bullied by a colleague, I started to look for a way out and whilst searching for psychology courses, something I initially thought would suit me best, I stumbled upon a Hypnotherapy course starting in just a few weeks and giving myself little time to think about the folly of giving up job security, I went for it and I’ve never looked back.

After qualifying and starting my own practice, I quickly found I had an aptitude for enabling people to make change, fulfil their maximum potential and overcome emotional or behavioural issues and have worked for many years in my successful private practice helping all those that have come to me for seeking a solution and with the website Karen Martin Audio Hypnosis I want to expand and maximise the potential I have to reach and help more people …
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