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If you don't acquire your bitcoin in an anonymous way, and you don't spend it in an anonymous way, then your use of bitcoin still isn't anonymous even over the Tor Network.
+Danny Hamilton Exactly. This is important for many reasons but it will probably show itself first with online US poker players.
Philosopher Rex, it doesn't really matter which client you use (Electrum, Multibit, Bitcoin-Qt,  You can use any of them with Tor, but if you don't acquire your bitcoin in an anonymous matter and use them in an anonymous manner then Tor isn't going to keep you anonymous.  There are many ways to leak your identity while using Tor, but the easiest way to leak your identity with bitcoin is to reveal something about yourself to the person, company, or location where you acquire them or use them.
Rex, neither Electrum nor Bitcoin work the way you've just described. Regardless, the issue I'm describing is more along the lines of acquiring your bitcoin through MtGox and then using them to purchase something that will be mailed to you.  At that point it no longer matters what client you are using since both MtGox and the person you've purchased from both have identifying information about you and know your bitcoin addresses.
Certainly. I would never recommend Coinbase to someone who stated that anonymity was important to them.  There are ways to acquire bitcoin COMPLETELY anonymously, but they aren't easy, they require a certain amount of trust that could result is being scammed or stolen from and most people don't care enough about anonymity to go to the effort necessary to keep their bitcoin use truly anonymous.
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