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Some people in policy came up with this superb idea to try and make people who want to censor the internet go away. The USA has a long history of strongly protecting the right to free speech but there's no comparable culture of right to free payments, perhaps because the ability to censor financial networks didn't exist when the Constitution was written, or at least it didn't exist to the level it does today. So I suppose it feels like a good compromise.

I strongly dislike piracy and have no sympathy for people making money off it. I don't think we should have them in AdSense. But the right solution is for well crafted laws to be written and enforced by the local jurisdictions in a court of law, not vigilante action through control of payment processors. It's hard because so many countries have much bigger problems than piracy, all the more reason to help them develop, and develop/use high quality DRM in the meantime
I'm not against government enforced copyrights, at least not until somebody demonstrates a model that works as well or better. Assurance contracts haven't done that yet, I think.
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