Joel, kudos on mentioning bitcoin in the analysis. That in itself is a positive.

Like BitTorrent for file sharing, Bitcoin doesn't need clarification or guidance from any government to move forward. It matters not 'what's next' in the context of a government position on bitcoin, because bitcoin is already operating between individuals via a variety of platforms. The software and applications, including mobile, will drive ease-of-use and adoption. The so-called regulation and 'government position' is a sideshow.

Also, a negative "word" from government will not "topple" the future of money as you and Erik imply. Bitcoin won't lose any ground gained, because ground gained on false legitimacy is not the same as ground gained on market legitimacy. Ironically, the government blacklisting of bitcoin will ultimately serve to strengthen bitcoin in the court that matters -- the court of public opinion. Governments denigrate gold every chance they get, but it continues its march forward.

For a look at the folly of pursuing State legitimacy, see Problems with State Money Transmission Laws Generally & "The Money Services Round Table" Cronies
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