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New Post on The Rhythm Blog
Happy Sunday Everyone!

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Finding Clarity
When I can’t
see the wood for the trees, I panic and attract chaos and negativity. On the contrary,
clarity makes me feel confident and creates positive vibes in my life. So, I
really appreciate it when I can see clearly. As recently I was struggling with

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Finding your Way in the Labyrinth of Life
Paul Dolan
defines happiness as  "experiences of pleasure and purpose over the time". The
keywords of Prof. Happy’s definition are experiences and time as he advises to pay
attention to living in the moment; i.e. instead of evaluating or comparing our

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I am so happy & grateful! More than 2,000 pageviews and 70 followers on facebook! Plus a pretty, new logo thanks to my friend :)


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Pleasure, Purpose, Balance

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3 Secrets of Finding Happiness
ProfessorHappy ’s top tip for happiness is to find the balance between pleasure and
purpose every day. Dolan suggests living a meaningful life which is full of
activities; being a conscious, mindful and active protagonist in your story. Doing
things that yo...

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What to focus on in order to be happy?

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Focus has
always been one of my favourite words but not because I like two-syllable words
or photography but for the various layers of meaning in it. What is more, after
having read Paul Dolan ’s book about designing your happiness, I started to get to

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