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A selection of funny help wanted signs. 
“Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy” . Now and again people have said to me, “You need help.” And I’m not just talking about people who read this blog. They mean it in a caring way I’m sure an...
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Basic Information
This is FASAB, the Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy!
I may be mad as hell, or not, but I’m certainly not taking it any more, not without a fight anyway! Remember that iconic film Network, with Peter Finch?

Well FASAB (the Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy) - - is an up to date version for those who are fed up with Stupidity and Bureaucracy and who want to fight back, against all those other little things that are completely unnecessary but that help to make life just that bit more difficult and frustrating than it needs to be.

You’ll find the SABs everywhere. Government organisations, local and national, are full of them. So are big corporations. You’ve met them at airports, at train stations, in banks, in shops, when you call any large company for help or to complain about something. They are in every organization. And in every country.

And they’re invariably dry and humorless, so I try to make the blog witty and funny when I can.

Read the blog and if you like it spread the word. And contribute. Send your stories, links to other blogs, videos, newspaper stories, whatever and where ever you come across the SABs.

Let’s start to fight back!
Bragging rights
Still breathing despite all the frustrations the stupid and the bureaucratic throw at me.
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