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Michael Fischer
Divorce Lawyer at Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP
Divorce Lawyer at Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP

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Handling wills and probate matters can be complicated, but our attorneys are here to give you the legal guidance that you may need.

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An alternative to divorce is legal separation, but what does it entail? Find out here:

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"My spouse is refusing to pay child support. What can I do?" Find your answer here:

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If a divorced couple lacks a child custody agreement, it is best for one parent to not deny the other of visitation unless there is a valid reason behind it.  Learn more:

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A new study found that there is no real correlation between couples living together before marriage and divorce.  Find out what actually affects divorce rates here:

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Adoption can be a joyful but stressful process. Learn how +Fischer & Van Thiel LLP can help you here:

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"Can I get child custody if I don't have a job?" Learn more about this question here:

“Can I get child support if I am not getting a divorce?” You do not need to file for divorce to get support, as you can go through the court to obtain a child support order to file if the court knows you have separated from your spouse. Your local Department of Child support services can help you start the process.

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In a pro se divorce, a couple decides to represent themselves during the court proceedings. Learn more about the responsibilities of each person and more aspects of the process one should know before deciding to proceed with a pro se divorce:
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