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Justine Dell
Crazy write. I might be plain ol' crazy.
Crazy write. I might be plain ol' crazy.

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The End #poetry
The End I sit here, weak and dreary My eyes swollen, dark and teary Each breath I take, tight and shaky The wind feels like sand, coarse and breaking Did you know I would feel like this? It’s like the earth moved and I didn’t Yet, I’m spinning out of contro...

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The Tragedy #poetry
               Disburse darkness           When evil overrides      3 poor, humble people Their lives shredded                      and torn. No need to cry little one -      The sun will still           shine bright.                I'm sorry for your sadne...

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Independence Day #poetry
The weight is heavy The burden unbearable The results uncertain Fight to breathe Fight to live Fight to even die How you want How you need How you see See the pain See the envy See the future We will survive We will thrive We will be free

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Hole in the wall #poetry
     I walk into my rat-packed humble room.      Oh, how I long to be elsewhere. Wear walls Grungy floors Old paintings      Every time I enter my room, I am intriguingly engulfed in it's horrendous boredom.      I am a simple woman Woes Afflictions Distrac...

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What is love?
What is love?  Love is an emotion, art, a state of mind, or even just a dream.  Love is powerful.   Love is unconditional. Heart pounding. Earth shattering. Soul moving.  Terrifying.  Love is everything you thought you never needed but can't live without.  ...

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#FunFactFriday Because we all need a laugh
Enjoy these 5 fun facts. Only 4 are true.   Can you spot the not? Heart attacks are more likely to happen on a Monday. An average person’s yearly fast food intake will contain 12 pubic hairs. ‘Penis Fencing’ is a scientific term for the mating ritual betwee...

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Crazy romance writer is back at it~
HIIIIya!! Really, that's all I want to say.  Seriously, though.  HI.  How you been? Me? Oh, living life at the 9-5.  Catching fish and scratching my ass on trees.  Well, maybe not the fish part.  Now, I miss everything about everything.  That means YOU.  So...

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Trends in romance
The genre "romance" has been around for a very, very long time. It's also one of the best-selling genres and has been for over a decade. It's proven that love stories and sex (or the promise of it) = money.  I love the romance genre. Heck, I devour these ty...

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How much real life is in your fiction?
We writers are an interesting bunch. Our ideas come from a vast number of places. It could be something as simple as the look a stranger gives you at the grocery store or watching a scene play out at the restaurant. Or maybe a song. Or the weather. Or a new...

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A new year, a new you? Or not.
A TOAST TO  THE NEW YEAR!  Welcome to another new year,  the time when people vow to start over, resolve to do things different, bigger, better.  The time of year when people change.  It's a new year, so it's time for a new you, right? WRONG.  Sure, it'd be...
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