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This is Kenneth Anbender, Ph.D.'s latest post on time issues.  We see tons of tips, advice and talking about a (more or less) single aspect of time -- what you see on a clock.

The underlying message is that we should better manage or control it.  I don't share that view. I think the relationship here is not only insufficient, but it's also misleading.

Ken's thinking on the different timings and how they relate to each other as a temporal whole is both extremely potent and very missing in most discussions. It's an area worth investigating!

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As always, Ken Anbender does a masterful job of framing the situation. Have a look at his comments regarding Transitions and Problem Solving.

As I have often said, "problems aren't all they're cracked up to be" -- this is why!

"Men who think deeply and seriously have a hard time with the public at large."

I'm OK with that...


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I heard this while on hold for a conference call today and I about lost it!

If I never hear the term "level of maturity" in an #ITIL #ITSM context again, it'll be too soon... 

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If you are not already aware of it, have a look at the Interaction Design Foundation. They are a great source of resources and advice. There is something for everyone with an interest in this topic!

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If you only read one thing today, make this it!

Ken has been a trusted partner and mentor for many decades. This is probably one of the most concise and impactful things you're going to read today... unless you look at some of the other great posts on his site.

Read the example and consider what you've done or had done to you (or your organization). Then take a few can contrast this with what he's proposing.

This isn't fantasy. This is a real world example of the power of taking a developmental perspective and approach.

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My friend Larry Cooper has just published his first book!
It's packed with great stuff and relatively inexpensive.
Get it and see why I was impressed.
I think you'll be glad you did!
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