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   After much back and forth I finally decided to pull the trigger and purchase a new Retina Macbook Pro to replace my ageing (but still lots of life, just planning to hand it down) 2010 Macbook Pro.
   I was hoping that an updated version of the rMBP would have been announced and released by now but the high end model I ordered should be more than enough for me for the next 5 years or more. Through the Apple Refurbished store the model I order contains:
- 2.3 Ghz Quad Core Intel i7
- 16GB of RAM
- 512GB SSD
- Nvidia GeForce GT 750M
  I plan to throw an SSD and upgrade the RAM to 8 GB in my 2010 model to give it a new lease on life before passing it along.

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What a coincidence as I have been recently looking into a Macbook Pro.

I've let go my need to have a OnePlus One. Too much time has passed and now we are coming up on the next iPhone, Moto X+1 and Nexus 6 time frame. This invite system seems to have killed all buzz for this phone ocassionally spiking whenever another review is posted.

Well my free Dropbox storage from Samsung and HTC has finally come to and end. Luckily Google has stepped up to take their place and One Drive has been working out extremely well at work. #OneDrive

I'm torn on whether I should try to give my 2010 Macbook Pro new life by installing an SSD and doubling the RAM. The alternative being that I buy a new Mac (or PC I'm not married to either OS at this point), that should hopefully last me at least 4 or 5 years.

God dammit now Javelin has added pretty much the same functionality that Link Bubble provided. Not to mention it's actually pretty good.

Awesome just got a great update for #RedditSync, hopefully this takes care of the crashing issues I had as well.

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