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Chux Furniture Company
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Modern furniture hand made in Fort Collins, Colorado USA
Modern furniture hand made in Fort Collins, Colorado USA

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New item!
Pierce side table! Why 3 legged? Check out my blog on That's chux (like Chuck's, kind of) fc (like furniture company, furniture and cabinetry, or Fort Collins- your choice) dot com...
Pierce side tables
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Here are some new table lamps I have been working on specifically for the Denver Modernism Show come up on Sept 11,12,and 13 at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado. I will have lots of unique new modern furniture and some vintage Heywood Wakefield that I refinished in "wheat". The lights are a combination of Art Deco, 60's modern and Buck Rogers and very cool on or off! Come check them out as well as all the other funky modern vendors. See you there?!?
Ring table lights
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Here is a fun new table lamp modeled after the iconic "Red Blue Chair" by the dutch designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld in 1923. Rietveld was a member of the de Stijl movement along with artists Piet Mondrian and Vilmos Huszar. He brilliantly applied the strict geometries and primary color scheme of the movement to 3 dimensional objects and buildings.
This up light features a 3 watt dimmable light source and functions as a unique art and conversation piece by day and creates a spectacular array of overlapping geometric shadow patterns on nearby walls at night.
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June 30, 2015


Chux Furniture Company will have a double booth at the Denver Modernism show on September 11, 12, and 13, 2015!

Carol and I will be hosting a booth showcasing my current furniture and lighting offerings as well a some vintage Heywood-Wakefield pieces I refinished and anything else I come up with between now and then!

It is the 10th annual show and should be a lot of fun: 

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June 27–28, 2015
“The Studio Tour is a free, self-guided tour of local private artist studios. Visitors can see art in action in the places where it is made, meet local artists and buy art directly from the artists. See everything from Painting to Pottery, Watercolor to Woodworking and more! It's fun, educational and inspiring.”
My shop (studio) is located at 345 South Taft Hill in Fort Collins. 
A brochure with maps is being prepared.
The hours of this event are:
Saturday, June 27, 10am – 5pm, 
Sunday, June 28, 11 am – 4pm.
We will have lots of items on display and for sale and refreshments. Hope to see you there!
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I redesigned my web site and learned a whole lot in the process. After about a hundred hours of that, I discovered Shopify!
Anyway, I am pleased with the new site which is still Chux Furniture Company, URL and yes, if you put in just Chux, you still get underpants! In addition there might be some dead links out there for a while, but Google will figure it out soon.
I am currently shipping "Sadie" and "Float Series" bamboo side tables and offering the larger pieces by appointment. (970)213-3470 in Fort Collins, Colorado
Check it out!
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This is a new line of three legged round bamboo side tables, called the "float series".  I am making them with four different leg styles and two different tops.
Float series
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1-> It comes in either as a 3 ply or 1 ply sheets. The three ply is exceptionally strong and stable in BOTH directions so I can orient the grain any way I want. The one ply is great for full 1/8" edge banding as well some other parts
2-> The three ply has a full 1/8" outside layer unlike hardwood plywood that has a typically 1/28" veneer. That allows me to assemble cross grain pieces and inlay into it and have plenty of material for flawless flush sanding. 
3-> It has a straight uniform grain perfect for modern cabinetry and furniture.I have used vertical grain fir and rift sawn oak extensively to give the same effect each having their own drawbacks
4-> Both the natural color and the caramelized color are quite beautiful without the use of stain and the related mess and expense. The natural color is a more "casual" look and the caramelized is quite elegant. The caramelized, incidentally, is made by heating the bamboo to essentially "cook" the sugars in the material to create the darker color
5-> I can save and later use most of the "scrap" pieces for other projects. The pieces that are too small to use get recycled into mulch with my yard waste
6- It is fairly light weight for it's strength, something that is much appreciated when handling panels and finished pieces. I am also preparing to ship some of the smaller pieces so weight will be a factor there as well
7-> It is popularly thought of as a green material primarily because it regrows itself every ten years. Unfortunately, it is made half-way around the world and has to travel a long way to get to Colorado. Hopefully, that will change as domestic sources emerge
8-> Plyboo, the brand I use is FSC certified, which means the forests where the bamboo is grown are managed in a sustainable manner
9-> It is manufactured with a soy based, non formaldehyde adhesive which is better for my health and will not off gas formaldehyde in your home like many other products
10-> I have developed a rapport with with this material and am constantly discovering new ways to exploit its unique characteristics.
I have been working with bamboo for about 5 years. As well as this furniture I have done three kitchens and numerous built-ins which you can see on my other site
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Ricochet entertainment console with pierced & inlaid sliding doors
Ricochet e-console
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coaster series end & coffee tables named for the inlaid cork coasters in each piece
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