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A third of all food produced on our planet never reaches a table—wasting nearly $1 trillion annually and generating billions of tons of climate-warming greenhouse gases.

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Turn off the new +1 feature ...
There's an immense hype going on about the benefits and hassle the new +1 feature gives you. This post is not about that. This post is about how to turn it all off, if you don't want any of it.

I'm sure there are benefits for some plussers (especially Goobies), but not for me. So I decided to get rid of the whole thing entirely. That is easy enough if you just want to turn off that others see what you plussed, but Google doesn't offer an option to turn off those +1ed posts in your home stream. Here I'll explain how to do both, for those who don't know yet.

Turning off that others can see the posts you +1ed ...
You might want to do that if you don't want to spam your followers with all kinds of posts you chose to grace with a +1.

➤ Go to
➤ Click on Edit.
➤ Click on Extended circles (that is what the new feature is set to by default and set it to Only you.
➤ Click Save.

Done! So now to those posts in your stream.

Turning off the highlighted posts in your home stream ...
If you are a Goobie (G+ newbie) you might not want to do that. It might help you discovering interesting content and people. Try it out for a bit and decide then.

There is no way (up to now, though I believe that will change with all the flak Google is getting over the feature) to turn of those posts in your stream via your settings. I doesn't bother me, because due to my circle system I hardly ever use my home stream but work almost exclusively with my circle streams. If you want to get rid of those "recommendations" though you'll have to use the  #ChromeBrowser . There is a nifty little extension called Hide Highlighted Posts ( by +Halfdan Reschat which will do just that. Install it, done!

Please share! (Even if you did know about this already. There are those amongst your followers who don't.)

+Jens Graikowski 

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Don't know if anyone is interested in this but I made an SRD-derived player's handbook for booklet style printing. Clocks in at 80 pages plus cover.

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Saw this at Receding Rules, and couldn't help but think it would make the basis for a great custom move:

Pick Lock/Disarm Trap
   When you attempt to pick a lock or disarm a trap roll+DEX. On a 10+, you have 2 chances, on a 7-9 you get 1. The GM will tell you the rating of the lock or trap, and you have to make guesses using only the verbs “bump”, “twist”, “rake” or “probe”. Do this in the correct order, and you're successful. The rating on the lock also functions as it's vulnerability to damage; the higher the rating the more likely it is to jam or break. For each failed attempt roll a d6; rolling under the rating breaks or jams the lock.

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Ryan B commented on a post on Blogger.
Don't remember if the episode was any good, but the one called Plato's Stepchildren was absolutely groundbreaking in its day.

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