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Gianmario Scotti (Mario)
A micro-and-nanoscientist. In love with chemistry, physics and math.
A micro-and-nanoscientist. In love with chemistry, physics and math.

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In brief: first 3D printed microreactor with integrated stir bar and ion source for direct coupling to a mass spectrometer and real-time chemical reaction monitoring. See more in the video and in the article on ResearchGate.

In detail: we recently published an article about a polypropylene microreactor coupled to a mass spectrometer for chemical reaction analysis. We also prepared a short video explaining our idea and the study in general.

The microreactor has an integrated stirring bar and a nano-electrospray needle. It is the first 3D printed/additively manufactured microreactor with these components integrated during the 3D printing process.

The nano-ESI needle is the ion source of our microreactor, and is used to couple it directly to a mass spectrometer. The mass spectrometer analyses the chemical reactions. Furthermore, the reaction is analysed as it happens.

We used polypropylene as the microreactor material because PP is a highly inert polymer in the sense that it is resistant to strong acids, alkaline solutions, or the great majority of solvents used in chemical synthesis.
The integrated ion source and stirring capability enable us to monitor the chemical reactions in real time: first the reagents are infused in the reaction chamber using syringe pumps. Once the desired volume has been infused, pumping is interrupted and we start the stirring. At the same time, or a bit earlier, we start monitoring the reaction with the mass spectrometer.

In our study we successfully analysed a Diels-Alder and retro Diels-Alder reaction. The reagents are a trans-cyclo-octene and methyltetrazine. More information about the reactions is available in the supplementary information. We also publish, in the supplementary info, detailed instructions on how to 3D print the microreactor and even the measurement jig.

The link to the article is!divAbstract The article will become Open Access in due course (few days).
In the meantime, download the article from

About myself: I received my doctorate in materials science from Aalto University in Finland in 2014. The topic of my thesis was microfabricated fuel cells. My current project is microreactors for mass spectrometric chemical analysis.


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A while ago I gave a presentation about our 3D printed polypropylene microreactor at a conference in Amsterdam.

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Time and again, it’s a film that puts white people above all else, and does so thoughtlessly. It’s a film where whiteness is not only the default, but in fact meant to override Japanese people. Japan is meant to provide what’s cool—from the source material to the setting—but in the hands of Rupert Sanders’ Ghost in the Shell, white people are deemed to be superior because of the color of their skin.

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I am quite convinced that Hollywood actors, movie directors, and producers point the accusation of racism at Donald Trump, is because they are projecting - racism is rampant in today's Hollywood, from top to bottom.

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Cristiano Ronaldo - I wish every multimillionaire celebrity gets such beautiful statue. They deserve it.

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Samsung released their new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, and guess what? It has an SD card slot for memory expansion and a stereo jack!

So the "news" (fake news?) spread by Sam Mobile turned out to be false. And I for one am very happy about that.

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