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Naomi Corpuz
lawstudent. lover of the arts. freelance writer, actor & singer. chocolatier. painter. fighter. fesity Child of God.
lawstudent. lover of the arts. freelance writer, actor & singer. chocolatier. painter. fighter. fesity Child of God.
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Naomi fights the BAR 2017!
Tomorrow, Dec 1 of 2017 marks my hibernation from the outside world.  Some Zumba and Aerobics sessions are exceptions.  And yes, as the title of this blog suggests I need, or should I say, I "MUST" fight the 2017 bar exams THIS TIME. It has been a very long...

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Money Problems: Please pay me back.
It is not unnatural for people in my
generation to aspire to be rich.   Once, I
together with yuppies, was invited to an orientation of a corporation doing a
pyramid scheme and the speaker asked, “Sino dito ang gustong yumaman? Itaas ang
kamay.” Not a singl...

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Ghost The Musical Manila, What Can I Say?
THANK YOU TO GOD FOR GIVING ME ANOTHER BLESSING OF JUST PAYING P1800 on a discounted ticket. I was at the center orchestra, eye-level. Perfect seat.  GHOST THE MUSICAL MANILA IS THE BEST LOCAL PRODUCTION OF A MUSICAL PLAY I HAVE SEEN BY FAR (If you don’t ag...

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BAR Review Resource: On Philippine Chine Dispute
I might need this for the Bar: What's at stake in our case vs China BY   JUSTICE ANTONIO T. CARPIO  POSTED ON 03/09/2014 8:36 AM  | UPDATED 03/09/2014 9:49 AM 10 Comments 492 1 LinkedIn 0 Pinterest 563 Share Our 1987 Constitution mandates: “The State shall ...

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"MASS MEDIA & the LAW" Professorial Chair Lecture by Professor Rowie Daroy Morales

The room was packed. How I wish more media outfits were able to attend this though because many of them must learn to deliver news more responsibly (without creating "prejudicial publicity").

Congratulations to Ma'am Rowie and the persons (such as Tita Corie Dela Cruz) behind this meaningful, eye-opening and informative talk.
Mass Media & Law Lecture
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Informative talk with Prof. JJ Disini and Cyber bullying victim Chris Lao. Prof. JJ says the online libel provision made constitutional would create a chilling effect then Lao explains it is not about chilling speech altogether, but "abusive" speech that is. Interesting views. 

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Kung mayroon man ang gusto na ginawa ni #Pnoy ay ito: PNoy backs online libel provision 

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What business owners like my mom and dad should know when filing taxes. IMPORTANT.

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My two-cents worth on Catholic Priests. 
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